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          After So Many Fires: Second Edition (Poetry Collection / October 2018)

          A Rumor of Soul: The Poetry of W.B. Yeats (Critical Introduction / 2015)

          The Spirit of Adoption (Anthology / Co-Editor / Contributor / 2014)

          Paradise in The Waste Land (Critical Introduction / 2013





Ph.D. English (University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee) 2009

M.F.A. Creative Writing / Poetry (Eastern Washington University) 2006

M.I.T. Master in Teaching (Whitworth University) 2002

B.A. English Literature / Writing (Whitworth University) 2001

Dissertation: “Reviving the Scop: Poetry and the Prophetic Role”



Follow the Devil / Follow the Light (Novel) – Seeking Agent / Publisher

COVID-Diaries (Podcast) May-June 2020

– Part One: The Green Martyrdom

– Part Two: The Peace of Wild Things / Wendell Berry

– Part Three: Four Quartets / T.S. Eliot

– Part Four: Hope is the Thing with Feathers / Emily Dickinson

– Part Five: Moby Dick / Herman Melville

– Part Six: The Art of Losing / Elizabeth Bishop

– Part Seven: Our “Present Tense” according to Auden, Rilke, and Dunbar

Mere Orthodoxy: Rise of the Scops: Wonder After the Pandemic (Article) April 2020

After So Many Fires: Second Edition (Poetry Collection) Wiseblood Books – October 2018

Relief: Letter to my Grandson (Who is probably a Cyborg) (Poem) Spring 2018

Relief: Gospel (Poem) Spring 2018

Relief: New Normal (Poem) Spring 2018

“Cells Interlinked: The Quest for Humanity in Blade Runner 2049” (Mere Orthodoxy – Online Article) December 2017

After So Many Fires (Poetry Collection) Anchor and Plume – March 2017

Anglican Theological Review: Annunciation (Poem) Fall 2016

Windhover: Hero (Poem) Spring 2016

A Rumor of Soul: The Poetry of W.B. Yeats: Wiseblood Books – Fall 2015

Critical Introduction: A Rumor of Soul: The Poetry of W.B. Yeats

Dappled Things: From Inside the Sickroom: An Interview with Charles Hughes (Interview) Spring 2015

The Spirit of Adoption (Anthology / Contributor / Co-Editor) Cascade Books – Fall 2014

Floating Bridge Review: Plan B (Poem) Fall 2014

Dappled Things: Venerate (Poem) Fall 2014 Vol. 9 / Issue 3

Dappled Things: Faith (Poem) Fall 2014 Vol. 9 / Issue 3

“Entelechy: The Poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke” (Pursuit Magazine – Article) March 2014

“Rock Rumination in the Key of Frost” (The Talon – Article) November 2013

The Far Field Blog: Other Space (Poem) November 2013 – Online – Selected by Kathleen

Flenniken: Washington State Poet Laureate 2012-2014: http://kathleenflenniken.com/blog/

Paradise in The Waste Land (T.S. Eliot: Early Works): Wiseblood Books ­– October 2013

Critical Introduction: Modern Mandrake: Reviving the Poetry of T.S. Eliot

Dappled Things (Essay) Fall 2013 Vol. 8 / Issue 3

Eros Abandoned: Chastity as Communal Preservation in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Crab Creek Review: Other Space (Poem) Summer 2013 / Vol. 1

Crab Creek Review: Natural Selection (Poem) Summer 2013 / Vol. 1

Dappled Things: Surveillance (Poem) Fall 2012 Vol. 7 / Issue 3

Dappled Things: He Prayed One Might Know An Eclogue By Heart (Poem) Fall 2012 Vol. 7 / Issue 3

REAL: Post the Facts / Shoot the Kids (Poem) Spring / Summer 2012 Vol. 36.1

Rock and Sling: Bear Recovering After Reconstructive Surgery (Poem) Spring 2012

Rock and Sling: Model Universe (Poem) Spring 2012

Rock and Sling – Blog: www.rockandsling.com

Ninety Years Post Waste Land (Article) October 2012

Schliemann in Seattle (Article) March 2012

Pretty Vacant (Article) January 2012

Anagnorisis (Article) December 2011

Here There Be Giants (Article) November 2011

In Praise of Blackberries (Article) October 2011

North American Review: Scop Wanted (Poem) Spring 2011 Vol. 296 / No. 2

North American Review: Machines Were Keeping Her Alive (Poem) May-August 2009 Vol. 294 / No. 3

North American Review: Scapegoat (Poem) March-April 2009 Vol. 294 / No. 2

The Midwest Quarterly: Poem Found Etched in Stone (Poem) Autumn 2009 Vol. LI / No. 1

The Penwood Review: Ember (Poem) Fall 2008

Blue Canary: Prayer for Future Catastrophe (Poem) Summer 2008 No. 16

Plainsongs Literary Journal: To Turn Back the Unravel (Poem) Winter 2008 Vol. 28 / No. 2

Beloit Poetry Journal: August 15, 1945 (Poem) Winter 2007/08 Vol. 58 / No. 2

4RealTeens Online Publication: Freelance Writer (Web based) Summer 2007

Willow Springs: Interview with Robert Wrigley Fall 2007 No. 60

Rock and Sling: Rebel (Poem) Winter 2007 Vol. 4 / Issue 2

Ruminate Literary Journal: Life Work (Poem) Winter 2006 Issue 2

Ruralite Magazine: The Pride of Nespelem (Featured Article) August 2006


Conferences / Workshops / Readings

Kintsugi Theology: The Potential of Diminished Things / Advent Anglican / Kirkland, WA (October 2021)

Poetry Readings: Auntie’s Bookstore (Spokane) / Brick and Mortar Books (Redmond) / BookTree (Kirkland) / 2018

“Seeing the Invisible: Affirming the Soul through Poetry” – Northwest Christian Writers Association (NCWA) / Kirkland, Washington (June 2016)

Northwest University / Commencement Speaker / Redmond, Washington (May 2016): Class of 2016 Commencement Address

“And in Short, I was Afraid: Confrontations with the Problem of Evil in Dreyer’s “The Passion of Joan of Arc” (1928) and Cuarón’s “Gravity” (2013) – Seattle University / Conference on Christianity and Literature: Religion in Literature and Film in an Interdisciplinary Age / Seattle, Washington (May 2015)

Northwest University / Keynote Speaker / Dean’s List Reception / Kirkland, Washington (February 2014): “Second Space: Czesław Miłosz and a Vision for Education”

Northwest University / Regius Award Speaker / Kirkland, Washington (October 2013): “Reviving the Poetry of T.S. Eliot”

“Eros Abandoned: Chastity as Communal Preservation in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” – Viterbo University / Theological Virtue Conference: Love / La Crosse, Wisconsin (March 2013) ž

“Novel as Cenotaph: Bohumil Hrabal’s Defiant Love Story” – Seattle Pacific University / Belief and Unbelief in Postmodern Literature / Seattle, Washington (May 2012)

“The Twelve Labors of Publication” – Richard Hugo House / Workshop / Seattle, Washington (July 2011)

ž”Sing in Me Muse: The Lyric” – Richard Hugo House / Workshop / Seattle, Washington (June 2011)

“The Sense of Poetry: Writing in an Age of Miracle, Wonder, Madness” – Whitworth University / Guest Lecturer / Spokane, Washington (February 2011)

“Enjambment: Making sense / arise from ordinary / line breaks in your revolution / poem” – Richard Hugo House / Workshop / Seattle, Washington (December 2010)

“When Temperance is a Deadly Sin: God, Liberty, and the Novels of Marek Hlasko and Ivan Klíma” – Viterbo University / Cardinal Virtues Conference: Temperance / La Crosse, Wisconsin (April 2009)


ENGL 1013: Composition I

ENGL 1023: Composition II

ENGL 2203: American Literature

ENGL 2853: Hollywood Goes to the Library

ENGL 3033: Advanced Creative Nonfiction

ENGL 3233: The Epic

ENGL 3323: Postcolonial Literature

ENGL 3373: Faith in Film

ENGL 3553: The Legacy of C.S. Lewis

ENGL 4413: Literary Theory

ENGL 4833: Gothic Literature

ENGL 4863: Irish Poetry

ENGL 4883: T.S. Eliot and the Moderns

Academic Interests

Modern Poetry

Irish Literature

British / American Literature

The Epic Tradition

Classical Greek / Roman Poetry, Drama, and Satire

Contemporary Eastern European Fiction

Postcolonial Literature