Joshua Meeks


Joshua was born and raised in Florida. From the age of 8 he wanted to be a history professor, and pursuit of that dream took him to Florida State University, where he became involved with the Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution. He also was heavily involved in Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, and in 2009 married his wife Jamie. After teaching several courses throughout his early years in graduate school, he was granted the opportunity to teach in London as part of a Study Abroad program, and research in Paris and Corsica via a grant from the Fondation Napoleon. From there he returned to Central Florida, where he taught for a semester at Seminole State College. He and his wife then returned to Tallahassee, where he became President of the History Graduate Student Association in his last year as a PhD Candidate. Following completion of his PhD, he and his wife moved to Tampa where he worked with the INTO Pathways Program while completing his book.

Since the Fall of 2016, he has been an Assistant Professor of History at Northwest. He teaches international history courses, focusing especially on Europe and Asia. His interests are diverse however, and he has taught classes on geography, the history of science, the global history of piracy, and refugees. Starting in the Fall of 2017, he is also the Program Lead for the History major, and the Director of the Honors Program.

He published his first book in the Spring of 2017 with Palgrave MacMillan, and is currently hard at work on his second project on Napoleon. Long-term he also plans to write on the intersection of the environment and revolutionary politics in the Mediterranean, and the connection between the birth of the modern state and the concept of “refugee” in eighteenth and nineteenth century Europe.


Joshua loves the outdoors, especially hiking with his wife and dog, Sydney, as well rock climbing. He also loves playing games and memorizing rule books.


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Modern World, 1500 to Present

Western Civilization II, 750 – 1648

Modern India

Modern Germany

The Age of Revolutions, 1776 – 1815

The Age of Empire and Industry, 1815 – 1914

The Age of Extremes, 1914 – 1989

A Global History of Piracy


History of Science

Contemporary Theory and Method

War and Society