Dr. Kevin Hall

Dr. Kevin Hall

Dr. Kevin Hall


Bachelor of Arts:  Religion and Philosophy, Northwest College.

Master of Divinity:  Regent College, Vancouver, BC.

Doctorate of Ministry: Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Doctoral Thesis –  “The Hidden Conversion: Divine Hospitality as a Framework for Christian Discipleship”

Ministry Background:

Worked for the State of Washington as a Program Manager of a Sexual Offenders Unit for juvenile offenders (10 years).

Served in a variety of positions within the local church; everything from nursery coordinator to lead pastor (35 years).

Overseas missions experiences include teaching English speaking Palestinian children in the West Bank, outreach to German college campuses, teaching at Southern Asia Bible College in Bangalore, India; outreach drama in the barrios in the Dominican Republic, and writing an assessment of discipleship efforts in Bangkok, Thailand.

Serving Northwest University:

Associate Professor in the College of Ministry and the College of Adult Professional Services (CAPS).

Responsibilities include academic advise for the Adult Evening Ministry Leadership students; coordinate and revise the Ministry Leadership courses as needed; recruit and recommend faculty; teach courses offered through both the College of Ministry and CAPS.


I’m Josie’s husband and Hannah, Emily, and Kaisa’s father. Josie and I first met while teaching Palestinian children in Palestine. I married over my head and I am reminded of this fact every day.

I have a blind golden retriever named Wesley. I named him after John and Charles Wesley of church history fame but my daughters insist he’s named after Wesley from the Princess Bride movie.

  • Favorite food: Pesto.
  • Favorite fiction: Dune by Frank Herbert.
  • Favorite quote: “I’ve been known to fall asleep in my own lectures. But to my credit, I was the last person standing.” – Church Historian Andrew Walls.
  • Favorite church service: Christmas Eve Candlelight. The mystery and love of the Incarnation gets me every time.
  • Favorite college football team: UW Huskies. #GoDawgs!
  • Favorite Bible Verse: 1 John 2:17 The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.
  • Favorite hobby: photography, golf and guitar a close second and third.
  • Favorite movie of all time: The Godfather.
  • 2nd Favorite movie of all time: The Godfather, Part 2.


I am available to speak in your church or event. For scheduling, please contact me at kevin.hall@northwestu.edu.


“Thresholds of the Spirit: Remembering Peter and Cornelius in an Age of Tribalism.” Resonance: A Theological Journal, Autumn, 2019, Vol. 5.3
“The Hidden Conversation: Reflections on Hospitality as a Framework for Discipleship.” Resonance: A Theological Journal, Winter 2018, vol. 4.4.