Nikki Johnson


Dr. Johnson is a native Californian, born and raised in the SF Bay Area. In her spare time, Dr. Johnson enjoys connecting with family and friends, sushi and a good Netflix binge. She and her husband enjoy volunteering in the community and promoting financial peace.


Dr. Johnson attended school at Azusa Pacific University and has a PsyD in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in forensics. She has a passion for diversity, low SES, and minority populations.  Issues around relationships, trauma and the criminal justice system are the focus of much of her teaching and research. Her clinical work includes school counseling centers, trauma recovery and prison assessment. Interested in the impact of culture on relationships, Dr. Johnson completed her dissertation evaluating the impact of micro and macro systemic factors on marriage in the United States.

Courses 2016-2017


o   PSYC 7603 Research Methods I: Statistics

o   PSYC 7603 Advanced Lifespan Development

o   PSYC 7502 Cultural and Diversity issues

o   PSYC 7302 Group Counseling and Cultural Dynamics

o   PSYC 7202 Social Justice and Faith Integration

o   PSYC 7003 Theories of Personality

o   PSYC 8932 Doctoral Pre-Internship III