Dr. Renee Bourdeaux

Renee Bourdeaux grew up on a farm in a very small town in ND.  As someone who loved Chemistry and Calculus, she began pursuing a degree as a Chemical Engineer.  It was going great until she job shadowed a Chemical Engineer after her sophomore year.  Renee learned that not much talking happens in the lab – and since she LOVES to talk, she needed to find a new career field.  After exploring a few majors, Renee settled on communication.

While she was attending the University of North Dakota to get her B.A. in Communication, Renee also became a Resident Assistant.  She enjoyed working in the halls so much that she went on to get a Masters degree in Communication while she worked as a Hall Director.  Once she earned her M.A., Renee had many career adventures in life:  Residence Hall Director, Complex Director, Vice President of Communication and Marketing, and Instructor.

Renee, however, enjoys being in the classroom more than most things in life.  Renee knew she needed to go back to get her Ph.D. so that she could be a faculty member some day.  Renee decided to pursue her doctoral degree in the Department of Communication at North Dakota State University.  She graduated in the Spring of 2016, and is beyond excited to use her gifts to teach at Northwest University.  Renee has taught Communication courses such as Communication Theory and Interpersonal Communication, in addition to teaching over 30 Public Speaking classes throughout her career.  Renee’s expertise is in interpersonal communication, and her passion lies in researching positivity and resilience in romantic relationships.

When she is not on campus, Renee loves to hang out with her husband (Paul), her two teenage kiddos (Rebekah and Benjamin), her dog (Cow), and her cat (Mushu).  She enjoys being active, funny movies, and Christian music!  Renee loves being at NU, and she plans to continue to use her talents to carry the call of God whenever she can!


Fundamentals of Speech Communication
Interpersonal Communication
Conflict Resolution
 Love and Communication
Small Group Communication
Communication Theory
Family Communication
Life Calling
Positive Communication