Tom Sill

My Bio

Tom Sill graduated from high school with a 2.1 GPA and attended community college courses search for his fit.  After 10 majors and 3 ½ years of college, he realized he needed practical work experience to see what he enjoyed and could do well.  He chose the medical field, which combined his interest in science and people, which gave great opportunities for 4 years.  He was also on a spiritual journey and was practicing new age religions from ages 17 to 21.  Eventually he realized he had been misled by popular music and found emptiness rather than the love, joy or peace he was expecting.  He then heard a whisper in his ear “Why don’t you try reading the Bible?”, so he began reading, praying and sharing the Bible with other people in his non-Christian living environment.  After 4 months, he accepted Christ as Savior and 3 days later asked Him to be the Lord of his life.  He then found the love, joy and peace he had been seeking, but not previously finding, and over time received substantial personal healing from his childhood and teenage pain.  God progressively restored his life and eventually, through prayer, gave direction to go into business.  He started back to school and received a double Bachelors degree in Accounting and Finance with honors from CWU.  He worked as a Cost Accountant for The Boeing Company and after 3 years was put in-charge of the Income Statement.  He later transferred to a Systems Analyst position to design the replacement accounting system used by Boeing.
During that time, he achieved his greatest scholastic goal of passing the CPA exam (which had a 6% passing rate), crediting prayer and God’s grace for that victory.  He also completed an MBA from SPU (paid for by Boeing) and leveraged his degree and CPA certificate to a new job, as an auditor for a CPA firm in Seattle.  In 1990, he career-shifted from the practice of accounting to the teaching of accounting and began teaching at four Seattle-area community colleges.  In 1999, he advanced to an Assistant Professor position at NU, and served as the chair of the Business Department for four years.  During those years, he founded and managed the student-led Aeries Coffee Shop and designed/built a triplex, which he still lives in.
In addition to teaching, he currently consults for a very successful specialized auditing firm in Bellevue which does post audit review.  Avocationally, he co-leads a very active street evangelism social entrepreneurship team called InsideOUT ministries (“taking what is Inside the church OUT to the world”) and helps international students learn about God.  He is married to Gretchen (since March 2006) and manages his triplex located on the shores of Lake Desire.  His life goal is to live a life pleasing to God and thereby give God a smile (Eph.4:1).

My Resume

Objective  Teaching or Auditing position using organizational, analytical, and communication skills to add value to your organization.

Summary Self-starter, quick-learner, detail-oriented, analytical, and life-long learner.

Experience Accounting and Finance Professor, Northwest University, 1999 to Present
• Keep up-to-date in current accounting, finance and software procedures.
• Daily review (audit) student work for errors or mistakes.
• Plan and implement Course Schedule to effectively use classroom time.
• Communicate accounting concepts in group and individual settings.
• Received tenure 2009.

Auditor Consultant, CPRS, Bellevue, 2008 to Present
• Personally assisted Costco Wholesale in recovering over $1,000,000 from vendors.

Accounting Instructor, Highline Community College, 1991 to 1999
• Taught and tutored accounting and software classes.
• Helped students reconcile errors and mistakes.

Auditor at Hagen, Kurth, & Perman, CPA, Busy Season 1991
• Audited 5 companies for compliance to GAAP standards.
• Tested transactions for accounting or billing errors.
• Planned audits to effectively use billable time.
• Communicated findings to supervisor, audit team and clients.

Accountant and Systems Analyst, Boeing, 1984 to 1990
• Staff Cost Accountant for the Commercial Division Headquarters (2 years): performed variance analysis   
   to test for likely incorrect entries.
• Financial Statements Accountant (2 years): In charge of Income Statement (reached life career goal), Error
  Correction Coordinator for 1,000 accountants for troublesome entries.
• Systems Analyst (2 years): promoted to lead designer for cost accounting and financial statement system,
   promoted to manager, credited with saving multi-million dollar project.

Mathematics and Business Tutor, Reedley and Highline College, for 6 years
• Supported self through college (graduated debt free) by tutoring hundreds of students.
• Promoted to Head Student Tutor.

• Masters in Business Administration, Cum Laude, 1990, Seattle Pacific University.
• Passed CPA exam in 1986 upon first attempt (largest personal achievement).
• Bachelors in Accounting and Finance, Cum Laude, 1984, Central Washington University.

InsideOUT Ministries, Overlake Christian Church, 1999 to Present
• Coordinate social entrepreneurship team of volunteers to host concerts and children’s puppet shows.
• Planned approximately 150 events in past 9 years.

Service Elder, Overlake Christian Church, 2004 to 2010
• Review Financial Statements, emphasize best practices for church leadership.
• Meet with church attendees to assist with personal needs.
• Set strategic policies with Elder board.

Treasurer, Lake Desire Community Club, 2004 to 2010
• Audit work of bookkeeper, manage $500,000 of assets, designed annual cash reconciliation.