Senate Structure Change Fall 2018


The current senator distribution comprises of a mixture of Class Senators, Living Area Senators, and At Large Senators. The proposed change would see the removal of Class Senators to be replaced with solely At Large Senators, who represent all students who pay their student services fee and Living Area Senators, who shall represent students according to their place of residence during the academic year.

The Proposal has been passed by Senate with an unanimous vote on April 3rd, 2018.


Senators represent the concerns and wants of the students to the Student Senate. They are directly representing student voice and are concerned with correct and efficient communication between students and administrators. The proposed change would see a more accurate representation of the student senators to the students they represent, which our current structure does not support. Senators would be able to better and more directly engage with their constituents, allowing for better representation of student voice and support positive change through more creditable feedback. Our current Class Senator Distribution is not productive due to the nature of our University and the way in which classes are based on a credit system. As such, the ASNU Executive Team propose the following changes:

1.We are proposing to change Article I, Section 3

2.We are proposing to change Article II, Section 1, Sub-section B

3.We are proposing to change Article II, Section 3

4.We are proposing to change Article III, Section 1


By Laws – Student Senate (UPDATED PROPOSAL)

Proposed Senate ByLaw Amendment