Tutoring Services

If you are struggling in a course or need help with your papers, you as a student at Northwest University have access to these services.


Smarthinking is our online, 24/7 tutoring services that provides live tutoring in various subjects and an online writing center.  Please click the link above to access our Smarthinking Tutoring service.  To login please enter your NU email address and password here. If you have any questions please email capsadvising@northwestu.edu.

How to use Smarthinking


On Campus Writing Center

Note: For now, there is not a Writing Tutor on Campus. Stay tuned. Once this note is removed, it means they have hired someone for the position. If you live close to campus or attend one of our COEE on-campus programs we have an on-campus writing center as well. Appointments are available in the afternoon. To make an appointment please click the link below:


To access the Writing Center website for more information click the link below: