Northwest University Dining Services

At Northwest University Dining we are passionate about providing local, authentic food and flavors that are handcrafted and personally designed by our chefs for our guests. Our recipes come to life every day in our kitchens using the best ingredients prepared in the freshest ways possible.

We welcome you to find out more about our program – view our Dining Guide.

Meal Pricing

Prices listed do not include applicable sales tax.


  • Employees/Guests/Commuter Students – $6.25
  • Children (6 years and under) – $4.00

Weekday Lunch & Saturday Brunch:

  • Employees – $5.00
  • Commuter Students – $9.25
    (Tuesdays & Wednesdays 11:00am-2:00pm – $5.00)


  • Employees/Guests/Commuter Students – $10.00
    (Specials and Premium Nights – $14.00)

Green on the Go

Green on the Go is a carryout system that allows NU students and employees to “rent” reusable kits from the Caf for carryout meals. Here’s how it works:

  • Ask the cashier for a Green on the Go kit or exchange card.
  • Pay a deposit of $5.00 for your Green on the Go kit or exchange card. After using your kit for a meal, return it to the cashier for washing and you will be given a fresh Green on the Go kit (if you are dining to go) or exchange card (if you are dining in).
  • Lost kit or exchange card will result in the loss of a deposit and a new deposit must be paid in order to continue the program.
  • Your deposit will be refunded at the end of the year by turning in your Green on the Go kit or exchange card.

NOTE: Once you have paid the deposit you should always have either a Green on the Go kit or exchange card in your possession. The kit is reusable and contains real utensils, not plastic ones that can be thrown away and are eventually harmful to the environment. The deposit covers the cost of the kit should it go missing or need to be replaced. The exchange card lets the Caf know you have already put down a deposit during those times you do not need a kit.

To use your Green on the Go kit:

  • Once you have received your Green on the Go kit, leave your Northwest ID Card with the cashier and go to the Caf to prepare yourself a single meal.
  • You have ten minutes to prepare your single meal, which should not exceed 28 ounces (1 and 3/4 pounds) of food, in the container, plus one piece of whole fresh fruit and a dessert. Please do not take more than two entrees.
  • Return to the cashier to have your meal weighed and pick up your Northwest ID Card.
  • If your meal exceeds the weight limit of 28 ounces you will be charged for a second meal.