Marketing the NU Experience

The primary purpose of the Marketing Department is to build an NU brand that engages potential students and helps them to understand the value of choosing us. To do this, we focus on creating brand experiences that reflect the quality of NU and tell our story in engaging ways. Sometimes we use print. Sometimes we use digital advertising. Other times we focus on the campus experience. At all times, it is done with creativity and excellence. We are vigilant in our care of the University’s brand and hope you will be, too. To assist you, we have developed these brand guidelines for anyone creating NU communications.

Northwest University Style Guide

The Northwest University Style Guide is an official, internal publication. It was created to help you develop communications that align with the Northwest University brand. Guidelines are important to maintaining consistency in our communications. By doing so, we create a recognizable brand that has greater meaning in the marketplace.

Marketing Briefs

All projects must be accompanied by a marketing brief. We use the information you provide to guide our work. The more clear and detailed you are in the brief, the better we can hit the mark. You may be tempted, but don’t cut corners here! The marketing brief is your chance to tell us what we need to know to speak clearly to your audience and to create great work. Projects begin once we receive a completed marketing brief.

Project Timelines

The timeline document shows you how long you can expect your project to take. As you review them realize that seven people produce all externally facing communications for the entire University. On any given month, we are juggling hundreds of projects—many which are on hard deadlines. We can’t drop everything to fulfill a late request so be sure to build in plenty of time to complete your project, or it may not get done. We aim to please, but not at the expense of quality or of others who’ve respected the timeline.

Project Timelines

Web Requests

If you need an update to content on the website, please email or submit a Web Project Request Form above. When making requests for changes it is recommended that you copy the current information to Word and make changes using the “track change” option or highlight all the changes in a colored font. Making a change to page functionality (e.g., navigation) will take considerably longer than minor text edits. See project timelines for specific delivery dates.

The Eagle website ( is maintained by the Information Technology Office and requests or concerns should be directed to

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