Campus Parking

Northwest University uses an online system for parking permits and citations.

Motor Vehicle Policy & Citations

All Northwest University employees, students, and visitors are expected to comply with the Motor Vehicle Policy.  Failure to comply may result in parking or vehicle citations.

Parking Permit Information

Vehicles must be registered/renewed each year (every two years for employees) to park on the Kirkland Campus. Northwest University uses virtual parking permits, so nothing needs to be applied to student or employee vehicles once they have been registered and processed.

  • Student Permits cost $77.14 per academic year (includes tax)
  • Employee Permits are a free benefit of employment

Carpool Parking

Take advantage of our six Carpool Parking stalls on the Kirkland Campus, and enjoy preferred parking in the Barton, Argue HSC, and Davis Building parking lots! To apply, complete the Carpool Parking Application and submit it to the Human Resources Office.  If approved, you’ll be issued a Carpool Parking pass from the Campus Security Office.

NU Parking Permits are a one-piece, color-coded sticker that should be applied to the rear (preferred) or front windshield of your vehicle.  Motorcycle owners should place the parking permit vertically on the front right fork so that the number can be read easily.  Expiration dates are printed on the permit.

Student Parking Permits

  • Color: Student permits include a blue stripe and another color stripe that indicates housing assignment.
    Blue: Commuter / Red: Residence Halls / Green: Student Apartments / Yellow: FIRs Apartments
  • Cost: Student permits cost $77.00 per academic year (includes sales tax).

Employee Parking Permits

  • Color: Employee permits include a black stripe and another color stripe that indicates housing assignment.
    Black: Commuter or Campus Duplexes / Yellow: FIRs Apartments
  • Cost: Employee permits are a free benefit of employment.

Replacement Permits

Please contact the Campus Security Office ( if you need a replacement permit (e.g. damaged permit or replaced windshield).  Replacement permits are free, and will deactivate your current permit.

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