Parking Citations

Campus Security officers generate citations within the Campus Parking system to provide visibility and appeal options for vehicle owners.

Campus Security has jurisdiction over infractions allegedly committed on or adjacent to the property of Northwest University in violation of the Northwest University Motor Vehicle Policy.  These non-criminal violations are punishable by a fine in a presumptive amount set by the University.  Infractions include all varieties of traffic tickets, parking tickets, and other non-criminal violations of the Northwest University Motor Vehicle Policy.

How do I appeal a citation?

  • Appeals to a citation must be submitted no later than midnight of the tenth (10) calendar day from the date the citation was issued.  The appeal deadline is printed on the citation.  All appeals will be submitted through the Campus Parking system.
  • A lost ticket, forgetfulness, parking only for a short time, failure to display a parking permit/decal, and/or not seeing posted signs are unacceptable grounds for an appeal.

If you receive an infraction, you have the following three options:

1. Take No Action.

If you choose to take no action, the fine(s) will be submitted to your university account.  Your infraction will be deemed committed.  Payments are through the University Cashier.

2. Mitigation.

In mitigation, you admit that you committed the violation, but ask to have your fine reduced based upon mitigating circumstances.  Mitigation is an process where you may explain the circumstances of your case.  Your explanation, along with your Northwest University driving record, is considered in setting an appropriate fine.  There is no appeal of a mitigation.  Infractions issued for reckless driving may not be mitigated.

Mitigation is requested by submitting the appeal using the Campus Parking system within ten (10) calendar days of the citation issue date.  You will not be able to appeal a citation until you register the vehicle within the Campus Parking system.

3. Contest the Ticket.

In contesting a citation, you do not admit that you committed the violation.  The University bears the burden of establishing, by a preponderance of the evidence, that you committed the violation.  The University meets this burden if the Appeals Reviewer, after hearing all of the evidence, determines that it is more likely than not that the violation was committed.  You have the right to present evidence.

To contest a citation, you must submit a detailed explanation with ten (10) calendar days within the Campus Parking system.  Include in the explanation if you will submit any supplemental information via email to  Be sure to include the Citation Number in the email.  Evidence must be submitted to the Appeals Reviewer within ten (10) calendar days of the citation issue date.  You will not be able to contest a citation until you register the vehicle within the Campus Parking system.

Appeal Options for Guests and Visitors

Campus guests do not have access to the Campus Parking system.  Guest citations may be appealed by sending the Citation Number, vehicle license number, and your name by email to  Parking permit-related citations will be voided; appeals for all other infractions (e.g. failure to stop at a stop sign) should include further details for consideration.