Welcome to the College of Education at Northwest University!

Whether you are an undergraduate candidate working your way through your four semester education progression, an MIT candidate in our accelerated eleven-month program, or an MEd candidate deepening your skills in our five semester program. Our aim is to help you grow as a learner-focused, adaptive, and holistic educator. We fully believe that teaching is both a science (requiring technical knowledge and skill), as well as an art (demanding creativity and flexibility) and our programs help you learn how to hold both in tension!

In the NU College of Education (COE) we take an optimistic view of the world. We are certainly not naive regarding the complexities of education, nor the real threats that students, schools, and societies face; but, like John Dewey, we believe that teachers can make a significant difference in the lives of students and families. We believe that well-prepared educators can mentor a new generation of P-12 students who will shape a world of hope and meaning. So, welcome to the project of educating our next generation of world leaders.  You just may inspire a student who will go on to find a cure for cancer, who may broker peace in the Middle East, who may devise ways to travel the universe in the blink of an eye, or who may foster meaningful conversation across the political aisle!

Important Reminders and Events



10th-14th: Finals Week

15th: Winter Break Begins (Seniors September/Methods experience hour log due on Foliotek)

January 2019

14th: First day of Classes (Seniors ONLY: Part-Time Student Teaching begins AND Candidate Reflection survey due on Foliotek).

21st: MLK Jr. Day (No Classes)

26th: EDUC 4300 Saturday Tech Seminar 9am-12pm


11th: Set up fingerprinting appointment with WSP (Juniors ONLY)

15th: Part Time Student Teaching ends. Part Time Student Teaching logs due AND Field Experience Check-In Due  on Foliotek (Seniors ONLY)

18th: President’s Day (No Classes)

19th: Full-Time Student Teaching Begins (Seniors ONLY)

22nd: Part-Time Student Teaching Evaluations due on Foliotek (Seniors ONLY)


11th-15th: Spring Break (Continue Student Teaching Seniors ONLY)

25th-29th: Advising Week (Juniors ONLY)


1st-5th: Advising Week (Juniors ONLY)

6th: WEST-E/NES Test Prep Seminar  (Juniors ONLY)

12th: Fingerprints Due (Juniors ONLY)

13th: WEST-E/NES Test Prep Seminar  (Juniors ONLY)

18th Reading Day (No Classes)

19th: Good Friday (No Classes)

24th: Awards and Honors Convocation (Juniors ONLY)

25th: Must be registered for WEST-E/NES (Juniors ONLY)

27th: Last day of Classes

30th: Completer’s Brunch (Seniors ONLY)


2nd: Full-Time Student Teaching ends (Seniors ONLY)

3rd: COE Grad Reception (Seniors ONLY) Last Day of Classes and Baccalaureate Chapel (Juniors ONLY)

6th-10th: Finals Week

11th: Commencement



10th-14th: Finals Week

15th: Winter Break Begins

January 2019

14th: First day of Classes (Student Teaching Methods Begins)

21st: MLK Jr. Day (No Classes)

25th: Candidate Reflection Survey Due 

26th: EDUC 4300 Saturday Tech Seminar 9am-12pm

28th: Follow your K-12 school & mentor arrangements


25th: Part Time Student Teaching Begins


1st: Methods Experience & Field Hours Log due on Foliotek

11th-15th: Spring Break (Continue Student Teaching)

18th: Filed Experience Check-In due on Foliotek

26th: Summer Registration Begins

27th: Tacoma Dome Job Fair


26th: Last day of Part-Time Student Teaching (Part-Time Student Teaching Field Hours Log due on Foliotek)

29th: Full-Time Student Teaching Begins


3rd: Optional Baccalaureate Ceremony

6th-10th: Finals Week

10th: Graduation Rehearsal (7pm in the Hurst Library)

11th: Alumni Breakfast and Commencement

27th: Memorial Day (No Classes)

31st: edTPA due to Pearson on Foliotek


13th: MIT BBQ (5pm in the Pelota Courtyard)

14th: Full-Time Student Teaching Ends. Final Program Completer Evaluations due on Foliotek AND Recommendations due to COE office.

20th: EDMA 5062 Research Methods Class begins

Conceptual Framework

All of our programs are guided by our COE Conceptual Framework.  This research based ‘mission statement’ revolves around the central theme of producing ‘leaner-focused, adaptive, and holistic’ P-12 educators.  This philosophy, along with our nine related candidate proficiencies, is outlined in our Conceptual Framework.  Please click the link below, asking two simple questions as you read:

  1. In what ways might this philosophy frame my own work with P-12 students?
  2. If I were to take this philosophy seriously, how might it impact me, my P-12 students, and their families in positive ways?

COE Conceptual Framework

COE Support

We provide a list of resources in the panel of links in the toolbar to the right.  Please explore these as they apply.  In addition, each candidate receives a detailed, program-linked planner upon admission.  If you haven’t received yours, please contact the COE office.  If you have questions along the way, these resources will be important places to turn.  Finally, our COE staff and faculty are here to support you.  Please feel free to contact us (by email, phone, or just stop by our office!) if you have concerns, questions, feedback, or ideas!  The journey you are on is a partnership between you, the College of Education, and our field partners.  Communication is essential in giving you a meaningful educational experience and in preparing you well for the teaching profession.

College of Education, Rice Hall, R-10

Shane Krumm – Graduate Enrollment Counselor 425.889.7794

Molly Quick – Dean 425.889.5304

Kate Ramage – Program Coordinator for the Grow-Your-Own Program 425.889.5292

Pam Skolrud – Program Coordinator 425.889.5299

Zach Smith – Program Assistant 425.889.5272