Welcome to the College of Education at Northwest University!

Whether you are an undergraduate candidate working your way through your four semester education progression, an MIT candidate in our accelerated eleven-month program, or an MEd candidate deepening your skills in our five semester program, our aim is to help you grow as a learner-focused, adaptive, and holistic educator.

Conceptual Framework

All of our programs are guided by our COE Conceptual Framework. This research-based, mission statement and its nine related candidate proficiencies revolves around preparing strong educators, capable of changing others’ lives in positive ways.

COE Support

We provide a list of resources in the panel of links in the toolbar to the right. If you have concerns, questions, feedback, or ideas, please feel free to contact us (by email, phone, or just stop by our office)!

College of Education, Rice Hall, R-10

Shane Krumm – Graduate Enrollment Counselor 425.889.7794

Molly Quick – Dean 425.889.5304

Kate Ramage – Program Coordinator for the Grow-Your-Own Program 425.889.5292

Pam Skolrud – Program Coordinator 425.889.5299

Zach Smith – Program Assistant 425.889.5272