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Every follower of Jesus is called to be on mission, and for most people, that means being on mission right where you are located now. Local Missions at NU is about going into environments outside of the University to engage in God’s mission, building His Church, and participating in the work of the Kingdom. This is facilitated through missions opportunities in Kirkland and the greater Seattle area that engage in evangelism, discipleship, justice, generosity, and others forms of ministry.

Got fresh ideas about how to reach out to our community? Start something! Contact Destiny Kennedy at localmissions@northwestu.edu.

2018-2019 Local Missions Groups


Meets every Wednesday at 6pm in Pecota Student Lounge to go to Seattle

Lighthouse is a ministry to the homeless population of Seattle. We strive to love those that are marginalized in our society and seemingly beyond our reach by sharing the gospel and providing winter essentials, hygiene packs, and more. 

Questions? Contact Emily Funston at emily.funston16@northwestu.edu

Refugee Tutoring

Meets Tuesdays from 5:15-8:45pm; tutoring is from 6:30-8pm in Kent, WA

Partnering with Faith Church, this club seeks to inspire service to the local refugee community in Kent, WA by providing volunteers to love and tutor school-aged kids.

Volunteer Application – https://faithkent.nm-secure.com/volunteer (all those who wish to volunteer must meet the requirements below and speak to Earl Bach before registering.) Email earl.bach16@northwestu.edu

Requirements -We tutor elementary through high school students. We leave from Northwest at 5:15 to get through traffic in the carpool lanes and it takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes to get there. It takes about 45 minutes to get back to the school when leaving at 8. As there will be different age groups, volunteers can choose to volunteer with a specific age group. However, we will fill the church’s needs before taking our own preferences into account.

Consistent Volunteers – Commitment to volunteer at least 4-5 times (more would be great, but not necessary) through the 13/14 opportunities is extremely important. Due to the nature of the ministry, and child tutoring in general, consistency is preferred. Now, I won’t even be able to make it every single week, but some commitment is preferred.

Heart of the Outreach:

    • Service – Following God’s call on our lives. Receiving God’s love and expressing that love outwards towards a community in need.
    • Humility – We are no better than anyone else for having served or not served a particular group. In a busy world where “refugees” is a huge buzzword, we get to serve the actual community.
    • Friendship – As there will be a lot of time in cars, as well as some consistency, this is a great time to create friendships with other students you are serving with.

Questions? Contact Earl Bach at earl.bach16@northwestu.edu


Meets every other Tuesday at 7pm in Pecota Lounge

Embargo, a collegiate chapter for International Justice Mission, aims to end human-trafficking by empowering students through education, awareness, and practical actions, to impact both domestic and international slavery.

Questions? Contact Bethany Williams at bethany.williams15@northwestu.edu