NU Classrooms with Meeting Owl Pros

The following rooms are equipped with Meeting Owl Pro’s:

  • 6710 Room 255
  • Argue 205 (conference room)
  • Barton 200
  • Barton 263 (conference room)
  • Fee 7
  • Rice 1
  • Rice 2
  • Rice 3
  • Rice 5

Best Practices:

  1. Restart the instructor station PC before starting your meeting – this will help resync audio/video devices with the PC.
  2. Give yourself enough time to setup and test the Meeting Owl Pro before class. Refer to the Teams or Zoom tutorial documents (tutorials #1 and #2 below) or watch these short videos: Teams or Zoom.
  3. Download and familiarize yourself with the Meeting Owl app for your mobile device here or search your App store for “Meeting Owl”.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the Meeting Owl Pro “Main Stage” icons, descriptions, and support links found here.
  5. Presenter Enhanced mode is turned ON in the administrator settings, no need to toggle it ON in the user device settings.
  6. The 360 degree video strip can be turned ON/OFF in the Owl app device settings.
  7. The Owl app settings and functions are secured with the passcode: 98033 (university zip code).


  1. Classrooms with two Meeting Owl Pro’s utilize the “Owl Connect” feature to link the two devices together. This has already been setup for you. IMPORTANT: The two Owl cameras should be distanced no longer than 10ft and maintain line of sight with each other (Owl Labs recommends 3 – 8ft, but 10ft has worked in our testing). If you want to know more see here.
  2. Proper connection of the two Meeting Owl Pro’s is noted by two solid black colored Owl icons in your video preview. In the event that one Owl icon is white and the other black, noting a disconnection, hover your hand physically over one of the Meeting Owl Pro camera lenses (try not to touch the lens, but enough to block out the light), and this will attempt to reconnect the two devices with each other. If you want to know more see here.
  3. If the Meeting Owl Pro’s speakers are out of sync or there is an echo between them, restart the meeting. If you want to know more see here.


  1. NU: Microsoft Teams Meeting + Owl Labs Tutorial
  2. NU: Zoom Meeting + Owl Labs Tutorial


  1. Support Center: Owl Labs (
  2. Main Website: Home | Owl Labs
  3. Owl Labs YouTube Channel: Owl Labs – YouTube
  4. Setting up a Meeting with Teams or Zoom.
  5. Owl Connect Demo: Watch a Demo of Owl Connect – YouTube
  6. Owl Presenter Enhance Demo: See Presenter Enhance in Action – YouTube
  7. Owl Classroom Demo: How John Brown University Uses the Meeting Owl for Hybrid Learning – YouTube
  8. Owl Blog: Owl Labs Blog | Supporting remote work and stellar video conferencing.
  9. Owl Labs: What do the Icons on the Meeting Owl Pro’s Main Stage Indicate?

Contact if you have any questions.

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