Health Insurance

You are required to have our international student insurance unless you currently have employer-sponsored insurance in the United States.  Healthcare in America is very expensive, and you do not want to have to pay a hospital bill without insurance.  If you do have current health insurance in America and do not want to use the university’s, please email with a copy of your current insurance card.

Every semester we will enroll you in health insurance unless we hear from you.  We currently use the Lewermark Insurance as our international student insurance provider.

Please go to Lewermark’s website for the information you need.

Please have a copy of your insurance card!
You need this card when you go to the doctor’s office.  It should be kept in your wallet or purse at all times.  The ISS department has physical copies or you can go to and print your health insurance card.

Understand how much you will pay
If you see a hospital or doctor within the First Health Network, most services will be covered 100%.  Please understand copays and look at the schedule of benefits to know how much you will need to pay.

Premium Payments
We charge per semester.  August – December; January – May; June & July. Cost per month is about $140 usd. Your premium payment will be charged to your student account.

Our insurance does not cover dependents.  We are sorry about this as we know that it can be inconvenient.  You do not need to purchase health insurance for them, but we recommend that you do as medical care is expensive in the United States.  If you need help looking for health insurance for your dependents, please let ISS know and we can give you information.

Finding a doctor or hospital
Please see the Finding a Doctor page.

The nearest pharmacy is the Bartell Drugs at 10625 NE 68th St, Kirkland, WA 98033 which is near the Metropolitan Market.  You will need to pay in cash first and then submit a prescription reimbursement claim to the insurance company.  We can help you with this.

Dental and Vision
Dental and vision are not covered by our insurance plan.  You can purchase your own policies or decide not to have insurance for these services.  Please understand that dentists are very expensive in the United States!  It may be cheaper to get your teeth fixed in your home country.

If there is a life-threatening injury, please dial 911.  If you can make it to the hospital fine, then do not call 911.  Remember that if you get sick and it is not an emergency, it may be a good idea to go to the Wellness Center on campus that has specialized nurses who can help you and give you medication.  It is free for students.