Physical and Mental Health

If you are sick in any way, whether mental, physical, or emotional, please seek help immediately!  As international students, knowing when to get help or how to navigate culture shock can be challenging.  It is normal for students who study abroad to have to overcome feelings of loneliness.

Often the first step in gaining freedom is letting someone know that you need help.  Please do not feel ashamed of needing to see someone for physical or mental health.

NU has free mental health counselors in the Wellness Center as well as a nurse practitioner who can prescribe medication if necessary.  In addition, if you are on our health insurance plan, there are a number of doctors and counselors that you can see outside of campus.

If you live in the dorms, speaking with your RA can be a great place to get help.  Please talk to International Student Services if you need anything!  We are here to help you.