Reduced Course Load

For students on F-1 visas, you must be studying full time in order to maintain your status.  At Northwest University, full time is at least 12 credits for undergraduate students and 6-8 credits for graduate students.  If you cannot maintain full-time enrollment, you may be able to have a reduced course load (RCL) and study part-time.

The following choices are valid reasons for an RCL semester:

  • Last Semester, Completing Program – This is very common that students do not need 12+ credits during their last semester.  Students do not need to do RCL in this situation.
  • Medical Reason (must provide documentation)
  • Initial Difficulty with English Language (first semester in US only)
  • Initial Difficulty with Reading Requirements (first semester in US only)
  • Unfamiliarity with American Teaching Methods (first semester in US only)
  • Improper Course Level Placement Permitted (only one quarter per current degree program level)

If you feel that you qualify, please complete the Reduced Course Load Form and meet with the International Student Services department.