Technology at NU

Technology is an important part of higher education.  For this reason, NU provides Wi-Fi, printing services, computers, software, and more to its students.

The Information Technology Department is also available to assist any student who needs help getting their technology set up.  You can also get free software or cheap deals because you are student.  They can even help fix your computer if there is a problem.  They are located in the Barton building.  You can also email them at or call them at 425-889-5310.


NU has several different Wi-Fi networks.  The general login for NU employees and students is here:

  • Network: NU_Wireless
  • Password: You will need to then login with your NU email and password (see below for password information)

For more detailed Wi-Fi instructions, such as guest login and video game consoles, go here: Nu IT Wi-Fi Page.

NU Computers
Students can use the computers around the campus for free.  There are computers in the library, dormitories, and various computer labs.  There is also a 24/7 computer lab located in the library.

  • Login: (your NU student email)
  • Password: northwest000XXXXXX (your student ID number)

You can purchase pages to print if you login to your Eagle account.  You can then print from any campus printer.

Cell Phones
If you need to purchase a SIM card, ISS will provide an opportunity for CELE & undergraduate students to do so.  See the Helpful Locations page for more info.