Dr. David Hymes


      Associate Professor of Old Testament

        Old Testament and Intercultural Studies




  •         University of Wales, Ph.D.
  •         Princeton Theological Seminary, Th.M, M.Div.
  •         Bethany Bible College, B.A.



David Hymes is an Associate Professor of Old Testament. He received his BA from Bethany Bible College majoring in Psychology. From there he went to Princeton Theological Seminary where he attained a Masters of Divinity and a Masters of Theology with an Old Testament concentration. Finally, he attended the University of Wales to achieve his Ph.D. Dr. Hymes and his wife, Anna have been missionaries to Japan and Philippines for the past 26 years. He teaches Old Testament courses such as Israelite Monarchy, The book of Isaiah, and Old Testament History and Literature as well as Intercultural Studies classes including History of Christian Missions and Cultural Anthropology here at Northwest.

Classes Taught at Northwest University

BIBL 1103               OT History & Literature

BIBL 1103               OT History & Literature (Online)

BIBL 2133               Israelite Monarchy (Samuel and Kings)
BIBL 2553               Biblical Interpretation

BIBL 2853               TOP: OT Prophets & Prophecy
BIBL 3843               TOP: OT Dreams /Visions
BIBL 4103               Isaiah

BIBL 4653               Numbers

BIBL 5103               Old Testament Introduction (Online)

BIBL 5303               Entering the Biblical Narrative (Online)

BIBL 5333               Biblical Theology of Dreams and Visions (Online)

BIBL 6313                Deuteronomy (Online)

INCS/CHIS 2413     History of Christian Missions
INCS 3043              Teaching in a Multicultural World
INCS/SOCI 3423    Cultural Anthropology

INCS 4773              Integrative Seminar: Intercultural Studies

INCS 7163              Current Issues in Missiology

THEO 2323            Jesus the Messiah
THEO 5223            Systematic Theology