Communication Studies Department

Welcome to the Communication Studies Department within the College of Arts and Sciences at Northwest University! Please follow a link in the right column of this page for more information.

Why Communication:
The Communication Program equips students for success both in their time here at Northwest
University and in endeavors after graduation. At NU, students choose a major concentration and
take a variety of classes—click here to see featured courses within each concentration—that
expand and hone communication abilities.
The knowledge and skills that Communication majors gain develop them into a valued addition
in many workplace contexts. Employers are looking for employees skilled in communication
processes, regardless of the specific career field. From politics to organizational management,
public relations to journalism, the opportunities are endless.
Students in the Communication Program receive an education that is both functional and
versatile. They are equipped to succeed wherever they may feel called after graduation.
While Communication Studies courses at NU require a high degree of academic rigor, the reward
is evident in students’ command of written and verbal language that allows them to persuade,
encourage, and lead others with excellence.

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