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About Communication Studies

In the Northwest Communication program, students develop:

  • Presentation Skills. Students learn how to speak well and express ideas clearly to serve their audience.
  • Creative Thinking. Students learn to express ideas creatively and to think analytically.
  • Message Design and Analysis. Students gain skills to interpret and critically evaluate messages, texts, and performances in order to develop their ability to persuade others and enact change.  Students also learn to effectively integrate faith into message design and delivery.
  • Group Dynamics. Students learn group communication skills that foster cooperation, practical problem-solving, and teamwork among members of groups.
  • Interpersonal Skills. Students enhance interpersonal skills, including the ability to listen, to understand, and to accept people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Students will learn to create meaningful, sustainable relationships in families, workplaces, and in the larger world.
  • Career Preparation. Students explore their strengths and skills in preparation for communication-related careers through coursework, internships, and community involvement.



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Our Graduates are using their Degree for these Careers

» Community Relations Director » University Admissions Coordinator
» Director of Public Relations » Costume Manager for Theater Co
» Web Editor » Northwest Cable News Editor
» Mayor » Film Producer
» Youth Pastor » Boeing Manager
» Foreign Relations Researcher » Microsoft Project Coordinator
» Sales Representative » US Senate Staff
» Territorial Sales Director » HBO Television Actress
» Assistant Manager for Luxury Hotel » Church Media Director