Northwest University seeks to establish Concurrent Credit (CC) agreements


Christian High Schools for the following reasons:

  • NU and many Christian High Schools share common educational missions and visions.
  • Students benefit by being able to graduate with accredited and transferable college credit.
  • Christian high schools can compete more effectively by offering college level courses.
  • NU benefits by having a strong and ongoing relationship with the school and their students.

Concurrent Credit Agreement details:

  1. Curriculum. The curriculum must meet the academic standards established by the University’s respective academic department. This can be accomplished through:
    1. Using the Center for Online and Extended Education (COEE) curriculum, including textbooks, outcomes, and assessments.
    2. Using curriculum equivalent to that provided by COEE with other (approved) textbooks and assessments, and verification from the high school’s teacher as to how the course outcomes were satisfied.
  1. Teacher Qualifications. High school teachers in Concurrent Credit courses must meet NU’s adjunct faculty qualifications:
    1. A minimum of a master’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university.
    2. Sufficient graduate courses and experience within the teaching field and subject matter to be qualified to teach the course.
    3. Christian commitment and agreement with the University’s educational philosophy.
    4. Some teaching fields may have additional departmental requirements.
  1. Course Approval. Courses are approved by the local high school and Northwest on an annual basis. The high school can assume as long there are no changes in the curriculum or faculty, that previously approved courses will continue to be approved under the concurrent credit agreement.
  1. Charges. Northwest University is paid a Concurrent Credit fee of $55 per credit ($165 per 3-credit course).
    1. From this fee, one-third per student per course is retained by the school for classroom supplies or other related equipment or instructional costs.
    2. Payment is determined based on the official notification of student enrollment from the High School.
  1. Assessment and Review. The Center for Online and Extended Education will closely monitor the teaching and learning experience to ensure equivalency to Northwest University academic standards. The CC Agreement will be reviewed annually.