History and Political Science Department

Historians: Who We Are

The inquiry and investigation of history moves beyond the names and dates printed in black blotted serif. History is rather drawn forth through the obsession and perception of the historian from narratives and stories filled with vibrant characters and entangling plots. We work to give voices to the forgotten, to provide context for both tragedy and triumph, and to reject the secular narrative of the past that loses sight of the divine fabric of the historical tapestry.

You have been called because of your desire to discover and illuminate the past. What we can give you are the tools to research thoroughly, think critically, communicate effectively, and apply your passion to a broad spectrum of opportunity.


Political Scientists: What We Believe

Alexis Tsipras, Aung San Suu Kyi, Emmerson Mnangagwa–The political landscape of the world consists of more than the headliner world leaders. It is a constantly shifting landscape of pawns and kings where an underdog can seize power though the strength of the people, the force of an international spotlight, or the cunning maneuvers of the military. These people have not tread the road to power alone, however, as their paths are lit by the fires of Rousseau, Aristotle, and Machiavelli.

In our quest, we ask ourselves questions to isolate difference. Why did the revolution in America succeed in 1776 but not in 1861? How has populism arrived simultaneously around the world? What political philosophies produce the most freedom? Strongest economy? Most powerful military?

We will arm you with the ability to research, analyze, synthesize, communicate, and argue the concepts floating around your head and waiting to meet the world.

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