Teaching Cafe

Dr. Rowlanda Cawthon (Business): Making Teaching Impactful Through Relationship Building

Dr. Jeremy Delmarter (Education): Researching Your Own Teaching

Cheri Goit (Nursing): Technology-Empowered Learning (panopto) Power Point (slides)

Chrystal Helmcke (Communication Studies): Invigorating Your Classroom Presence (panopto)

Dr. Molly Quick (Education): Flexible Lectures (panopto)

Dr. Joshua Meeks (History): Taking Roles and Playing Names (panopto)

Dr. Renee Bourdeaux (Communication Studies): Games Shows in the Classroom (panopto)

Dr. Jack Wisemore (Theology & Philosophy): Drinking from the Fire Hose (panopto)

Dr. Sarah Drivdahl (Psychology): Creating Long-Lasting Learning (panopto)

Dr. Suzan Kobashigawa (Education): Feedback: Do We Really Want to Know‚Äč (panopto)