Chapel: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Alpha Chapel: 10:00am – 11:00am

Omega Chapel: 11:20 – 12:20pm

Pursuit: Mondays at 8:30pm

Audio recordings of gatherings are available on the iTunes Podcast and Soundcloud.

Videos recordings of gatherings are available on YouTube. 

Philosophy of Chapel Gatherings

A large portion of the spiritual formation that occurs at Northwest University happens in the corporate setting of chapel gatherings. While these gatherings are not the only place for spiritual formation, we see chapel as essential to affirming and shaping our identity as a Jesus-following community. In order for chapel to accomplish this purpose, the focus must be on core spiritual formation teaching pillars.

We acknowledge that chapel is the primary gathering place for the Northwest community. While there are possible announcements, topics, lectures, and ideas that could be presented in chapel, the Spiritual Formation committee, tasked with maintaining the central focus of chapel, must be selective with what is presented.

The primary purpose of chapel gatherings is to gather in worship, keeping our community spiritually vibrant and each member engaged in spiritual formation. Worship includes, but also extends beyond, the hearing, reading, and teaching of Scripture and the Christian faith, corporate singing, confession, prayer, testimony, partaking in communion, and giving.

Corporate Spiritual Formation Teaching Pillars

To ensure that students are exposed to all the foundational aspects of life in Jesus Christ while they attend NU, we have identified six teaching pillars as the basis of our chapel programming each year. Each pillar is taught through the lens of a relationship with God and the living out of Scripture. These pillars are:

Relationship with God

GospelHumanity was created for relationship withGod, but that relationship was severed by sin. Thegospelisthegoodnewsofhow Jesus graciously and sacrificially restored the possibility of a relationship through His death and resurrection.

Holy SpiritA result of the gospel is that every disciple of Jesus receives the Holy Spirit, who is God living in us. Disciples must learn to “keep in step with the Spirit.” Walking by the Spirit is essential for a vibrant, growing relationship with God. The gifts of the Spirit are given for sanctification, edification, and mission.

Relationship with Self

Practice (Disciplines): Being a disciple of Jesus is more about training than trying. If we want the life of Jesus, we must adopt the lifestyle, practices, habits, and disciplines of Jesus as a Spirit-empowered response to the gospel.

ApologeticsBeing a disciple of Jesus in a fallen world presents a variety of complexities. As a response to the gospel, apologetics seeks to address the intellectual obstacles to knowing and accepting truth, and the personal obstacles to accepting and deepening trust in Jesus.

Relationship with Others

CommunityThe gospel not only provides a personal relationship with God, but also ushers us into a community of disciples: the Church. As we learn to live by the Spirit, we also learn to walk out the gospel well in this complex community.

Mission:If the news of the relationship we have with God through Jesus is good and true, then it has radical implications for all of creation. Mission is how every disciple partners with God in drawing others to Him and establishing His kingdom in the world.