Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reserve a space on campus?

What is the process for internal groups to plan an event?

Can we rent out space to for-profit groups?

Due to our non-profit tax status, we are legally only able to rent out our facilities to other non-profit groups.

How far in advance do I need to reserve space?

Sooner is always better, especially because we work off of a first come first served basis. The hard and fast deadline is different depending on the type of event you want to put on. A good rule of thumb is to reserve space at least 2 weeks before your event date. 

Things to consider that would bump up that deadline: if you need catering, if you are having a large event, if you are needing overnight accommodations, if you will be needing the Chapel or Pavilion, or if you need specific tech and maintenance needs. 

Do I need liability insurance?

Yes. Every event on campus needs to be covered by liability insurance. Staff, faculty, and student events are covered under the school’s liability insurance. For those working with outside groups to host an event on campus, please see page 2 of the Facility Rental Guide where liability insurance is fully explained. 

When are my final numbers due for an event?

We ask that final numbers be given 2 weeks prior to your event if you are needing catering. 

What AV and tech equipment can Northwest offer?

Each room is equipped with computer access and an overhead projector that groups are free to use. We can also offer a personal speaker system, audio recorder, digital camera, laptop, additional projectors, extra charging stations, and more. See the full list and make an equipment request here

When do I need permission from the Provost for an event?

If it is before July 1st and you are planning an event for Fall Semester, or it is before September 1st and you are planning an event for Spring Semester you need to email for approval.