Planning an Event at Northwest

Steps to planning an event on campus for staff, faculty and students:

  1. Decide on a date, time and location for your event.
  2. Email to get your event approved by the committee. 
  3. Request to use the room(s) by adding it to that room’s Outlook Calendar. (How to reserve a room on Outlook) It will then be sent to The CFO’s office for approval. *
  4. If it is an event that requires a reservation fee, The CFO’s Administrative Assistant will connect you to us, and we will direct you through that process.
  5. If it is before July 1st and you are planning an event for Fall Semester, or it is before September 1st and you are planning an event for Spring Semester you need to email for approval.
  6. Once approved, fill out this catering questionnaire (if needing catering) and email it to
  7. Do you need parking signs to direct people to the building your event is in? You can request to borrow these signs by emailing
  8. If you have maintenance needs fill out a Maintenance Request, for IT needs fill out this IT request or email
  9. Let Security know about your event if it is outside normal hours of operation. 
  10. Does this event need to be added to the calendar on the Northwest website? Download, fill out this form and send it to See this page for the guidelines. 
  11. Please let Conference and Event Services know if there is anything else we can help with to make your event successful!

*Please note: if you are planning an event with an outside group you must go through Conference and Event Services by either emailing us or filling out the Facility Request form online.