Social Security Number

We can help you get a Social Security Number (SSN).  Please make an appointment with the International Student Services office in order to get your updated I-20, and then take all of your documents to the nearest Social Security Administration office.

You must have a job offer before our office can help you apply for a social security card!

In order to get a social security number, you need to take the following documents to the nearest Social Security office:

  1. Social Security Card Application
  2. Unexpired passport
  3. I-20 (with specific employment request, if necessary)
  4. Latest I-94 record
  5. Student ID
  6. Proof of employment (offer letter) plus a letter from our ISS department.  If you are working an on-campus job at NU, your offer letter will come through ISS.  If you are working off-campus, you need an offer letter from your company.
  7. EAD card (if you are on OPT)

Social Security Cards take a few weeks to arrive, but you should receive a receipt showing that your application is being processed after you submit your application.