Multicultural Life

Multicultural Life is a branch of Student Development that focuses on cultivating diversity and belonging on campus. We want your time at NU to be a vibrant, unifying experience founded in relationship with the Lord and one another.  We desire to collaborate with all voices, but especially ones that are unheard or unseen on our campus and educate our community in ways that highlight the image of God in all of us. 

We want to emphasize that multicultural life is for everyone on campus. Every event, conversation, and opportunity we offer, calls every follower of Jesus to interact and discover how our faith must engage the world around us.

“Multicultural Life desires to exemplify what it means when we pray, “thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth and it is in Heaven.”  Heaven is a diverse place and it is God’s desire for us to experience that diversity on earth, in part.  Thus, everything we do has this in mind and moves us closer to a picture of what Heaven will be.” –Blake Small, Director of Multicultural Life

What does Multicultural Life at NU consist of?

Director of Multicultural Life

Multicultural Life Director: Blake Small

Growing up in the East Valley of Phoenix, Arizona, Blake earned his B.S. in Accounting from Arizona State University (’09).  In 2014 he graduated from Moody Theological Seminary in Chicago, Illinois with a MA in Intercultural/Urban Studies. Blake started his higher education career 9 years ago in Residence Life as a Resident Director at Grand Canyon University. Prior to NU, Blake managed the Global Outreach efforts for GCU. This fall, Blake will be entering his 5th year at NU as the Director of Multicultural Life. 

Blake is married to his wonderful wife of 7 years, Hannah, an RN at Evergreen.  Blake and Hannah have two sons, Elias and Raiden who are both more popular with the students than Blake will ever be. Blake and his family enjoy the outdoors (especially camping) and exploring all that Washington has to offer.

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