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To meet the church’s current and future needs, ministry must be both biblically authentic and culturally relevant, and preparation for Christian ministry must be as thorough as possible and of the highest caliber possible.

The College of Ministry at Northwest University seeks to meet this need by offering graduate education in a variety of contexts for those who are engaged in ministry.

Ministry involves the person of God communicating a divine message to people to achieve divine ends. Those who minister for God must know Him intimately, must be able to exegete His Word accurately, must understand and appreciate the context in which they minister, and must comprehend God’s eternal purpose and be able to relate it to the church and ministry.

These M.A. programs integrate academic experiences, spiritual formation activities, and skills development to enhance intellectual, spiritual, personal, and functional readiness for effective ministry leadership.


College of Ministry Dean- Dr. Wayde Goodall

Dr. Wayde Goodall D. Min. -Dean of College of Ministry, Associate Professor, Church Ministries,
Co-Director: graduate programs Northwest University, Author of 16 books, Mega Church Pastor, Founder- Integrity Coaching International, Founder-World Wide Family, Inc.

Dr. Wayde Goodall Dean of the College of Ministry


     Phone: 425-889-5211







Co-Director- Dr. Bob Stallman

Dr. Bob Stallman Ph.D; Professor of Bible and Hebrew; Co-Director of the College of Ministry Graduate Program, Northwest University.  Doctor of Philosophy in Hermeneutics and Biblical Interpretation.   Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, PA



     Phone: 425-889-5347







Co-Director- Dr. David Thomas

Dr. David Thomas Ph. D; New Testament Studies, Co-Director of the College of Ministry Graduate Program. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Dr. David Thomas Co-Director


     Phone: 425-889-5279








Program Coordinator- TBD







Graduate Enrollment Counselor- Elisa Anderson


     Phone: 425-889-7795

Welcome!  I have the privilege of being your first point of contact with the graduate program at the College of Ministry.  Whether you are interested in improving your leadership abilities, advancing your ministry, growing deeper in your faith, or a myriad of other reasons God has prompted you to reach out, I look forward to getting to know you and seeing if our degree options will meet your needs. With our flexible programs, a graduate degree may be more possible than you think. After all, Northwest University is the University of Possibility!



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