Turnitin & Feedback Studio Resources


NOTE:  Firefox is the recommended browser for Turnitin.

Resources for Faculty

Turnitin: A Guide for Faculty (Brochure)

Discovery – Turnitin Assignment
Turnitin: How to Reset a Course with Turnitin Assignments  (PDF)
Turnitin: Assignment Setup and Options (PDF)
How to Add a Turnitin Assignment (5:11)
The Submission Inbox (4:10)
Submitting a Paper for a Student (1:45)

Turnitin – Feedback Studio
Introduction to Feedback Studio (6:16)
Turnitin: Feedback Studio (PDF)
Turnitin: Using a Rubric in Turnitin Feedback Studio (PDF)

iPad App for Turnitin
Grading Papers Using the iPad App (PDF)

Turnitin Resources (from turnitin.com)
Turnitin Academy Live (Turnitin Support & Training)
Turnitin Product Demonstrations
Grade Anywhere: Turnitin for iPad

Resources for Students (available to students via NU Student Tutorials)

How to Submit an Assignment (PDF)
How to Submit an Assignment (2:24)
How to View Comments in Feedback Studio (PDF)
How to View Comments and Grade in Feedback Studio (2:52)

Turnitin Support

If you are experiencing any difficulty with Turnitin please let Lynette know so she can troubleshoot the problem.  If the issue cannot be resolved a ticket will be submitted to Turnitin support.  Please provide the specifics including specific course, assignment, and student information.

You can also check the Turnitin Status page