NOTE:  Firefox is the recommended browser for Turnitin.

Resources for Faculty

Turnitin: A Guide for Faculty (Brochure)

Discovery – Turnitin Assignment
Turnitin: How to Reset a Course with Turnitin Assignments  (PDF)
Turnitin: Assignment Setup and Options (PDF)
How to Add a Turnitin Assignment (5:11)
The Submission Inbox (4:10)
Submitting a Paper for a Student (1:45)

Turnitin – Feedback Studio
Introduction to Feedback Studio (6:16)
Turnitin: Feedback Studio (PDF)
Turnitin: Using a Rubric in Turnitin Feedback Studio (PDF)

iPad App for Turnitin
Grading Papers Using the iPad App (PDF)

Turnitin Resources (from turnitin.com)
Turnitin Academy Live (Turnitin Support & Training)
Turnitin Product Demonstrations
Grade Anywhere: Turnitin for iPad

Resources for Students

How to Submit an Assignment (PDF)
How to Submit an Assignment (2:24)
How to View Comments in Feedback Studio (PDF)
How to View Comments and Grade in Feedback Studio (2:52)

These resources are available to students via the NU Student Tutorials course in Discovery.

Turnitin Support

If you are experiencing any difficulty with Turnitin please let Lynette know so she can troubleshoot the problem.  If the issue cannot be resolved a ticket will be submitted to Turnitin support.  Please provide the specifics including specific course, assignment, and student information.

UserVoice – Submit a Feature Request

Turnitin encourages users to submit feature requests.  To do so go to Turnitin.com and click on the Log in button.  Use your NU email address, and Turnitin password.  If you can’t remember your password (or if you don’t have one), click on Reset Password button – you will be asked to add your email address and your last name.  After logging in click on Feedback in the menu at the top of the screen or go to the UserVoice page.  Add content to the Describe your idea….. box.  You can also vote for ideas that have been submitted by others.