Change of Status

ISS can help you submit a change of status application to an F-1 visa.  Please understand that changing status from one visa to another can be complex.  We recommend for all students who are changing status to consult with an immigration lawyer.  We do not send your change of status application to USCIS for you, but we can help you gather all of your documents.

Please look at the Change of Status Application and schedule an appointment with International Student Services.

After you have been accepted to Northwest University, we need the following:

  1. Initial I-20 – change of status requested
  2. Completed USCIS Form I-539.  Make sure this is the most recent form!
  3. I-901 receipt.  Pay the required DHS SEVIS Fee (I-901) and retain the receipt to mail with your change of status application.
  4. Check for $370 USD made payable to “Department of Homeland Security”
  5. Personal statement, written to the USCIS adjudication officer, in which you explain why you are requesting a change to F-1 status
  6. Bank statement showing sufficient funds that matches the information in item 8 on your I-20
  7. Photocopies of all your immigration documents, passport biographical pages, visa stamp, etc.
  8. Original I-94
  9. Photocopies of all immigration documents of the person from whom your current status is derived (i.e. your spouse or parent), including the I-94 (front & back), passport biographical pages, visa stamp, I-20, funding and transcript or job letter and recent pay-stubs, if applicable, etc.
  10. Copy of your marriage license, birth certificate, or other proof of relation to this person
  11. Admission letter to Northwest University

Mailing Your Application/Petition:
USCIS California Service Center
P.O. Box 10129
Laguna Niguel, CA  92607-1053

Be sure to include the appropriate P.O. Box number on the shipping label too.

We urge you to COPY ALL DOCUMENTS AND FORMS before mailing your application to USCIS.

You will receive a receipt with a “WAC or LIN” file number in a couple of weeks, and usually, a notice of approval in 2-4 months.

You MUST notify the International Student Services Office when you receive your Change of Status approval.