Multicultural Life


Multicultural Life’s mission is to demonstrate an active and vibrant Christ centered community that reflects the image of God committed to honoring, engaging, celebrating, and respecting multicultural life on and off campus through the ministry of reconciliation.


Multicultural Life strives to be courageous in light of scripture’s admonishment to actively participate in our culture as engaged citizens in order to advance educational equity. To demonstrate the love of Christ in authentic community through multicultural unity by improving campus climate for underrepresented and marginalized students, faculty, and staff. We encourage deep, meaningful conversations, dialogues, and actions amongst Northwest University students, faculty, and staff in our journey to increasing spiritual vitality, academic excellence, and empowered engagement. As recipients and ministers of reconciliation, we aim to increase awareness about our own beliefs, values, and biases to be a catalyst for effective and active social change in our communities in and beyond Northwest University.


Multicultural Life at Northwest University holds to the following values:

  • Christ Centered Relationship: Everything we are and do comes from the love of God in Jesus.
  • Reconciliation: Through grace we are fortunate to be reconciled to God and therefore are able to reconcile with one another continually. Through this, we honor and encourage the characteristics and image of God in one another.
  • Academic Excellence/Knowledge Building: We are committed scholars in our respective fields of study.
  • Cultural and Intercultural Competencies: We highly value the skill of understanding and navigating wide ranging cultural and intercultural interactions and knowledge. We believe that this skill will be imperative in life after graduation.
  • Servanthood: We realize that in order to fully carry out the call on our lives, we value, uplift, and support others’ journeys.
  • Empowered Leadership: We are not an island to ourselves. We are called to follow, lead, and impact our homes, our cities, and our world.
  • Student and Community Advocacy: We are advocates of students and encourage community building through student participation in our communities.