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Welcome to the official page for the MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling! Here you will find current resources and helpful information.  


Fall 2021 Class Calendar

2021-2022 Important Dates – Online

2021-2022 Important Dates – On Ground

Annual Program Documents

2021-2022 CMHC Program Handbook

CMHC Program Resources and Forms

Degree Sequences

Degree Sequences may vary by cohort. Please use the following links to view your specific curriculum track:


Required Therapy Hours

Once you have completed the ten hours of therapy, please upload the following form to your Clinical Folder: Counseling Verification Form

Additional Resource: Counseling Referral List

Clinical Files

Please use the following links to access your downloadable, fillable PDFs of your clinical documents.

Appendix A – Practicum Hours Log

Appendix B – Northwest University Consent to Record

Appendix C – Counseling Interview Rating Form

Appendix D – Microskills

Appendix E – Case Presentation

Appendix F – CCS-R (this will be sent to Site Supervisors directly)

Appendix G – Review of Progress (Self Assessment)

Appendix H – Supervisee Perception of Supervision

Appendix I – Student Evaluation of Professional Practice Partner Site

Appendix J -Internship Hours Log

Appendix K – Site Submission Form

Appendix L – Specialized Supervision Plan

Writing Center for Graduate Students

If you would like assistance in the writing or revising/editing of your papers, the Writing Center is a great resource!  Click the link to go to the official page or contact Andrea Guisinger at  

For APA-specific help, visit our resource page.

Licensure Requirements by State

If you are looking to move to a different state after graduation, keep in mind that the requirements for licensure may be different.  Please note that the MA-CMHC is designed to specifically guide you towards licensure in Washington State.  Here you will find a compiled list of licensure requirements by state.  


Planning on graduating this year?  

Head over to the Registrar’s Office page to fill out the ‘Intent to Graduate’ form.

Graduation Audit – Please upload this to your Clinical Folder under ‘Additional Program Documents’.  If you are in your last semester and currently enrolled, but have not completed a course, please fill out the ‘Semester/Year Taken’ column and leave the ‘Grade Received’ column blank.


Please send all feedback to the following email: