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Welcome to the official page for the MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling! Here you will find current resources and helpful information.


Fall 2020 Class Calendar

Spring 2021 Class Calendar

2020-2021 Important Dates

Annual Program Documents

2020-2021 CMHC Program Handbook

2020-2021 CMHC Professional Practice Manual


6710 Counseling Labs

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Degree Sequences

Degree Sequences may vary by cohort. Please use the following links to view your specific curriculum track:

On-CampusOnline Cohort 3 

Required Therapy Hours

Once you have completed the ten hours of therapy, please hand in the following form to the Program Coordinator: Counseling Verification Form

Additional Resource: Counseling Referral List


Click the link to get the application for Graduation: Graduation Application

Graduation Applications are due by the end of October or early November.

Writing Center – Graduate Students

If you would like assistance in the writing or revising/editing of you papers, the Writing Center is a great resource!  Click the link to go to the official page or contact Andrea Guisinger at