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Wondering what courses you need to take next semester? The resources on this webpage will help you figure that out!

Listed below are Psychology Major Advising Handouts that have been designed to help students plan out their future semesters at NU. Please note that there is an advising handout for each academic catalog year; to plan your future coursework you first need to select the correct catalog year (this is important because the major’s course requirements frequently change from year to year, however, you are only responsible for the requirements in your catalog year). Students are automatically placed in the catalog year that they started attending NU in (e.g. if you started attending NU in Fall 2017 then you are in the 2017-2018 Academic Catalog Year). Once you determine your academic catalog year, then click on your academic year for your advising handout.

2016-2017 Advising Handout

2017-2018 Advising Handout

2018-2019 Advising Handout

2019-2020 Advising Handout 

Please remember that before registering for next semester, you must meet with your faculty adviser. If you have any questions regarding the advising handout or major requirements, feel free to ask your faculty adviser.

International Study Tour

Applications for the 2023 Study Tour are open!  Please note that applications are due by Oct 6th, 2022.

This year’s trip will be visiting England, Scotland and Ireland!

For questions about this year’s trip or to receive an application, please contact Amber Stowell at amber.stowell@northwestu.edu or 425.889.6286. 

Previous Study Tours

To view pictures and learn more about previous International Study Tours, select a year listed below:

2010 – Germany and France

2011 – Italy and Greece

2012 – England, Scotland, and Ireland

2013 – Germany and France 

2014 – Austria and Italy 

2015 – England, Scotland, and Ireland 

2016 – Germany, Austria, and Czech Republic 

2017 – Italy and Greece

2018 – England, Scotland, and Ireland

2019 – Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

2022 – Italy and Greece

2023 – England, Scotland and Ireland