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Advising Materials:

NU Transfer Reports: N:\Shared\Registrar(Search Registrar box by Student Last name or Student ID#)

NU Graduation Audits: N:\Shared\Registrar/Completed Grad Audits – PDF’s (Search Completed Grad Audits – PDF’s box by Student Last name or Student ID#)

NU Transcripts:  Eagle>Courses>Self Service>Advising Tab>Manage Advisees>My Advisees>Student Name>Unofficial Transcript

Spring 2020 Course Schedule

Classes Offered NU History

Spring 2020 Semester Advising Guidelines

Fall 2019 Course Schedule

8 Semester Plans

Degree Requirement plans

Academic Advisor’s Guide to Study Abroad

Advising Materials Directory

Goal Accomplishment Planner Sample

Goal Accomplishment Planner Template

How to Release an Advising Hold in Three Easy Steps

Appreciative Advising Phases

How to Check Your List of Advisees

One Note Sample

Personal Cabinet Template

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Spring 2019 Advising Schedule

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Spring 2016 Course Schedule