Getting a Job with an English Degree

The English degree can serve as a gateway to a wide range of career paths. NU English graduates land teaching jobs at all levels both in the U.S. and abroad; publish poems, essays, and fiction; earn graduate degrees from top programs; serve as pastors and missionaries; and work for high tech companies such as Microsoft, Expedia, and Google.

The articles listed below sketch the usefulness of an English degree in a twenty-first century context. Take a look!

Interested in Teaching Abroad?

NU’s partnership with the Japanese Exchange and Teaching Program (JET) affords graduates an opportunity to teach English overseas. Every year, through JET, the Japanese government brings 3000-4000 foreigners to Japan as Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) who help in junior high and high school English classrooms.

While working with JET is great preparation for a career in teaching, JET isn’t just for those going into education. The only requirements are a bachelor’s degree in any field and interest in Japan. You don’t have to speak Japanese to apply, though familiarizing yourself with the language before or during the application process certainly helps.

Details about the JET Program:

•       Salary is 3.36 million Yen (approximately $29,000)
•       RT airfare provided
•       Health insurance provided
•       Strong support network
•       Pre-departure training
•       Positions are for Assistant Language Teachers who work with a Japanese Teacher of English
•       Any major may apply
•       Japanese language proficiency not required 
•       JET alums go on to various fields, including computer game development, medicine, law, business, education, political science, and ministry.
•       JET alums at NU: Autumn Witt, Jacob Witt, Joseph McQueen

For more information, please contact Dr. Suzan Kobashigawa.