Practice Room Reservations

This year, we will be allowing practice room use by reservation. Currently, we have a limited number of practice rooms available for use in Amundsen, and we will soon have the others open as well. 

Please note that there are some practice room rules for your and others’ safety.

By using the practice rooms at Northwest University, you agree to:

  • Enter the practice room only during your registered time and leave upon the conclusion of your reservation.
  • Wear your specified mask and instrument protection at all times in the practice room as detailed in https://eagle.northwestu.edu/academics/music/files/2020/08/Practice-Room-Safety-by-Instrument.pdf
  • Use one of the provided wipes to wipe down all surfaces (not limited to but including piano keys, benches, doorknobs, etc) at the end of your practice time. After wiping the piano, you will dry excess moisture with a paper towel.
  • Will not bring food into the practice room.

**For first time use, users will need to create a new login with their NU email.**