Professor Naomi Fanshier

Professor Naomi Fanshier

Department Chair, Assistant Professor (Music)

Office: Amundsen 5

Phone: 425-889-5354

Email: naomi.fanshier@northwestu.edu

Classes: Chamber Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Instrumental Conducting, Basic Computer Notation, Instrumental Methods & Repertoire, Music History, Applied Clarinet

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Professor Mizue Fells

Professor Mizue Fells

Associate Professor (Music)

Office: Amundsen 4

Phone: 425-889-7807

Email: mizue.fells@northwestu.edu

Classes: Written Theory I-VI, Ear Training and Sight Singing I-IV, and Orchestration, Applied Piano

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Professor Kate Orr

Professor Kate Orr

Assistant Professor (Sound Design)

Office: Barton 210

Phone: 425-889-6283

Email: kate.orr@northwestu.edu

Classes: Digital Audio Workstations 1 & 2, Recording Engineering 2 & 3, Sound Design for Film, Sound Design for Games, Virtual Game Engine 1 & 2, Survey of Video Technology

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Rev. Dave Pedde

Rev. Dave Pedde

Associate Professor (Music Ministry), Director – Center for Songwriting

Phone: 425-889-5259

Email: dave.pedde@northwestu.edu

Classes: Northwest Choralons, Songwriting, Theology of Worship, Worship Leadership

Professor Steve Smith

Professor Steve Smith

Creative Director, Creatio Center for Technology, Media, and Design

Office: Barton 238

Phone: 425-889-5736

Email: steve.smith@northwestu.edu

Classes: Advanced Audio Production, Music Industry Tour, Recording Engineering I, Sound Design, Survey of Audio Technology

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