Professor Bill Owen


Department Chair  

Contact: 425-889-7804 or bill.owen@northwestu.edu

Office: Amundsen A1

Classes: Music History I-II, Conducting I-II and Hymnody

Ensembles: Concert Choir and Chamber Choir




Professor Mizue Fells


Contact: 425-889-7807 or mizue.fells@northwestu.edu

Office: Amundsen A4

Classes: Written Theory I-IV, Ear Training and Sight Singing I-IV, and Class Piano I-II

Private instruction: Piano




Professor Naomi Fanshier

  Contact: 425-889-5354 or naomi.fanshier@northwestu.edu

  Office: Amundsen A2

  •   Classes: Instrumental Methods & Repertoire

  Ensembles: Chamber Orchestra and Wind Ensemble

  Private instruction: Clarinet



Professor Brenda Rasmussen


Contact: 425-889-5259 or brenda.rasmussen@northwestu.edu

Office: Amundsen A5

  • Classes: Worship Team Methods, Beginning Theory, Philosophy and Administration of Church Music, Music Ministry internship

Ensembles: Northwest Choralons