Current Students

You have one student account that your tuition is charged to as well as your aid is posted to and your VA funds apply to. The balance will be a little funky throughout the semester.

If you have a financial hold, we understand it is usually a system hold because we haven’t received all your VA funds yet, it is not a problem just submit your registration to us using the form below. (list your courses as thorough as possible in the additional comments)

If you do decide to receive aid from the university, it will always be applied to your student account before some or all of your VA funds. It does not mean that you will not get that money back if it is owed to you. Once you see that financial aid money applied, there is a form below that triggers an account review that will allow the School Certifying Official (SCO) to send your refund email to accounting. The SCO is the only one who can let accounting know because they know what VA is expected to send.

Registration Information

    Refund Request

    This form will trigger an account review to get you any aid or extra money back to you that will be covered by VA (even if we haven’t received the VA funds yet) You should submit this form even if you unsure but want an account review to be done.