Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Eligible for VA Benefits?

Northwest University can not and does not determine eligibility of benefits. You must apply with VA to determine your eligibility.

How will the GI BillĀ® work while I am at Northwest?

Once we have your certificate of eligibility we can help guide you a bit more but here is a look at our main campus page on the VA’s GI BillĀ® comparison tool 

Does NU participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program?

Yes we do! If your Chapter 33 benefits allow for your eligibility in the yellow ribbon program (which will be listed on your COE) then you are in! If yellow ribbon money is required to cover your tuition it automatically gets applied without any additional steps on your part.

Are there any scholarships available for military spouses or dependents separate from VA?

We currently do not offer any internal scholarship for spouses or dependents. We do offer a special tuition rate to Active Duty service members and their spouses for our online programs.

I have benefits through VA, can I still receive money by working with the Student Financial Services department?

Yes, but if any scholarship money or aid that you receive specifically states that it is to be used to lower your tuition and fees then that amount will be subtracted from what is reported to VA. If the aid is not designated for a specific purpose than it can either supplement your benefits or result in a refund.

I do have extra money coming in, when can I expect my refund?

We can not refund if money hasn’t been posted yet, and that will vary depending on where and what type of scholarship funds you are accepting. If you see that non-VA money has been posted to your account you can email  to trigger an email be sent requesting your refund be created. There is also a link on the current students page to trigger the same account review.

I have sent my Certificate of Eligibility, what now?

All we will need is to know once you are registered for courses. Which can be done by email or via contact form on the current students tab.

I just got a bill from Northwest University, do I need to pay it to avoid the late fee mentioned on the bill?

Nope! First and foremost as a VA student you not charged any late fees. If you are covered with benefits 100% then you do not need to worry about the bill. If you are covered less than 100% and want to be sure you pay the correct amount email asking to look at your financial account for an update.

I have a financial hold on my account, how can I register for next semesters courses?

All you need to do is email the courses you would like to be registered for to or use the form on the current students tab and we can manually add the courses to your schedule. Once we add them manually you will be able to view your schedule from your eagle profile.

When can I expect my book stipend, how much will it be?

Your credit amount is multiplied by $41.67 to calculate how much you will be given each semester. You will get your stipend no earlier than 2 weeks prior to the start of your term. The yearly max (if your benefit level is 100%) is $1,000.

Example: Fall semester; 12 credits x $41.67 = $500, in the Spring you won’t get more than $500 even if you are registered for more than 12 credits.