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Welcome to the official page for the MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling! Here you will find current resources and helpful information.  

Mission Statement

The Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) program strives to equip individuals, through a distinct Christian Worldview, for service in the mental health field as licensed professional counselors working with diverse populations using evidenced-based practices and to be a catalyst in the integration of counseling, culture, and social justice through spiritual vitality, academic excellence, and empowered engagement with human need.

New Students!

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Summer 2024 Class Calendar

Spring 2024 Class Calendar

2023-2024 Important Dates – Online

2023-2024 Important Dates – On Ground

Annual Program Documents

2023-2024 CMHC Program Handbook

Faculty Advisors

Faculty Advisors 2023-2024

CMHC Program Resources and Forms

Degree Sequences

Degree Sequences may vary by cohort. Please use the following links to view your specific curriculum track:


Required Therapy Hours

Once you have completed the ten hours of therapy, please upload the following form to your Clinical Folder: Counseling Verification Form

Additional Resource: Counseling Referral List

Clinical Overview

See our Clinical Overview HERE

See a list of Required Clinical Docs

Clinical Files

Please use the following links to access your downloadable, fillable PDFs of your clinical documents.

Appendix A – Practicum Hours Log

Appendix B – Northwest University Consent to Record

Appendix C – Counseling Interview Rating Form

Appendix D – Microskills

Appendix E – Case Presentation

Appendix F – CCS-R (this will be sent to Site Supervisors directly)

Appendix G – Review of Progress (Self Assessment)

Appendix H – Supervisee Perception of Supervision

Appendix I – Student Evaluation of Professional Practice Partner Site

Appendix J – Internship Hours Log

Appendix K – Site Submission Form

Appendix L – Specialized Supervision Plan

Writing Center for Graduate Students

If you would like assistance in the writing or revising/editing of your papers, the Writing Center is a great resource!  Click the link to go to the official page or contact Andrea Guisinger at  

For APA-specific help, visit our resource page.

Licensure Requirements by State

If you are looking to move to a different state after graduation, keep in mind that the requirements for licensure may be different.  Please note that the MA-CMHC is designed to specifically guide you towards licensure in Washington State.  Here you will find a compiled list of licensure requirements by state.  


Planning on graduating this year?  

Head over to the Registrar’s Office page to fill out the ‘Intent to Graduate’ form.

Graduation Audit – Please upload this to your Clinical Folder under ‘Additional Program Documents’.  If you are in your last semester and currently enrolled, but have not completed a course, please fill out the ‘Semester/Year Taken’ column and leave the ‘Grade Received’ column blank.


Please send all feedback to the following email:

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