Apply to Study Abroad

Application Deadlines

Interview with Associate Provost Complete External Applications Due to Program
Spring Applicants October 1 October 15
Fall Applicants March 15 April 1
Summer Applicants February 15 March 1

Please note that some study abroad programs have rolling deadlines and accept students until their cohorts are filled.

Application Process

  1. Conduct personal research of programs currently offered to find the best program for you.
  2. Meet with your Advisor or the Advising Office to incorporate the Study Abroad courses into your academic plan of study.
  3. Fill out the Northwest University study abroad applicationĀ and schedule an interview with the Associate Provost by emailing
  4. Once approved to study abroad, meet with and collect signatures from necessary departments on the Pre-departure Checklist
  5. Complete the External Program Application if required or work with the International Studies Department to complete the program application.
  6. Submit application materials to the Registrar’s Office to be forwarded to our partners. Letters of recommendation should be sent directly to the organization.

After Acceptance

  1. Complete the “Pre-Participation Checklist” and turn in to the Registrar
  2. Pay study abroad deposit ($500).
  3. Register for study abroad credits manually (paper form in Registrar’s office) during the course registration period prior to your departure.
  4. Attend pre-study abroad orientation.

Study Abroad Semester Schedule

Study Abroad Week

  • Fall Semester: Last week of September
  • Spring Semester: Last week of February

Pre-Study Orientation

  • Mid November
  • Mid April

Post-Study Debriefing

  • Fall Semester: Last week of September
  • Spring Semester: Last week of February

Additional Questions