Who Can Study Abroad?

Study Abroad is accessible to any student at NU. If students are interested in studying abroad, we encourage them to choose a major which requires a study abroad semester. However, students can still study abroad if it isn’t a major requirement.

*Students cannot study abroad in their first year at NU.

**Lifestyle Standards: It is the expectation that students studying in off-campus programs will be “exemplary representatives for Northwest University.” To that end, generally a 3.0 GPA is required. Students are also expected to abide by the Northwest University Community Handbook Lifestyle Standards, in addition to any other standards that may be imposed by the off-campus program.

Study Abroad as a Major Requirement

These majors require students to study one semester abroad. Students can choose to study abroad at an established NU partnership. Required study abroad semesters receive financial aid priority.

  • Communications: Film Studies in Los Angeles
  • Cultural Psychology: CCCU Middle East Studies, CCCU Latin American Studies, South Korea
  • Intercultural Studies: Jordan, Rwanda, Costa Rica, Thailand
  • International Business: Costa Rica, Australia, South Korea
  • Political Science: American Studies in Washington DC or Middle East in Amman, Jordan

Study Abroad as Personal Enrichment

Students are encouraged to study abroad, even if it is not required as part of their major. This is called Personal Enrichment. Students choose study abroad options to fill their elective credit requirements. *Financial aid may not always be available to students studying abroad for personal enrichment.

Korean Sister University Exchange Programs:

Our Korean Sister Universities offer many courses in English. These credits can be applied to any major’s electives, and NU financial aid may be used.