CCCU Best Semester

Brisbane, Australia


The Australia Studies Centre (ASC) is located just southeast of the beautifully diverse city of Brisbane at Christian Heritage College (CHC). With its near-perfect climate and population of 2.3 million, Brisbane is a flourishing river city filled with ferries, bridges, Queensland architecture, and art installations like nowhere else in the world. You’ll be off exploring iconic destinations like the Sunshine Coast, the Scenic Rim, and North Stradbroke Island, just to name a few.


Design your own study abroad experience at ASC. Our unique program model combines in-depth cultural immersion and coursework with the opportunity to self-select CHC classes that match your chosen field of study. From marketing to philosophy, youth ministry to literature, you’ll select from a wide variety of courses and internship options to individualize your semester. The curriculum is centered on a foundation of faith and explores the connection between local landscapes, tradition, and cultures. Extraordinary instruction is met with eager students whose scholarship and focus find balance with discovery and exploration. Take a break and travel to the Gold Coast, or relax by the riverside beach in downtown Brisbane.


CORE UNITS (Culture Emphasis)  required CREDITS
The View from Australia 4
Australian Indigenous Worldviews 4


ELECTIVE UNITS (Discipline Emphasis) CREDITS
Select two units from any of the following: School of Christian Studies, School of Business, School of Education & Humanities, School of Liberal Arts, School of Ministries, School of Social Sciences
Elective Unit #1 4
Elective Unit #2 4


Select one internship from Business, Ministry or Social Sciences
Social Science students must also enrol in a co-requisite unit
Internship 4
Internship Co-Requisite Unit (Social Science only)

Elective Unit (Ministries & Business only)

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Costa Rica


Arriving in Costa Rica for the Latin American Studies Program (LASP), you sense it will be so much more than majestic mountains and beautiful beaches. You are about to be immersed in a diverse cross-section of Latin America’s history. You will be given a key to a way of life that is firmly rooted in tradition but also looking toward the future. Experience the Caribbean vibe of the Port of Limon. You’ll live with a host family in Costa Rica as well as journey to Nicaragua for a two-week home stay. You’ll travel not as a tourist bust as an ambassador reflecting upon the dimensions of this complex culture.


Your LASP courses will help you to think critically about your Latin American experience while further developing your Spanish language skills and preparing you to navigate cross cultural relationships anywhere. But learning doesn’t stop at the classroom door. It’s time spent sipping coffee while developing friendships with locals. Its the restaurant owner who welcomes you and teaches you about sustainable business in a real world context. And it’s your three home stay experiences, each one expanding your view of cultural and economic differences, that make this once in a lifetime program so transformational. By doing life in Latin America you become more than a tourist, and you’ll leave more prepared to effect change in today’s global society.


In addition to the required courses, each student chooses an elective. Courses with an asterisk can be taken in Spanish or English.


Spanish Acquisition 6
Perspectives on Latin America* 3
Regional Study Travel* 1-3
Community Immersion* 3


Responses to Third World Reality* 3
Community Immersion/Field Experience* 3


Language & Literature Seminar 3
Community Immersion/Field Experience* 3


Business Seminar 3
Community Immersion/Field Experience* 3


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L.A. Film Studies


At L.A. Film Studies Center, we develop every aspect of our storytellers. In our facilities, you’ll write and develop, schedule and budget, shoot and edit, all on state-of-the-art equipment, software, and sets, guided by faculty who are working professionals and highly-regarded experts in their fields. Hollywood continues to be the epicenter and nexus of content formation, and our internships connect you to and get you working with some of the top companies and players in the business. Meanwhile, in the classroom, you’ll not only cultivate your voice as an artist but also sharpen your sense of vocation and purpose. If you’re serious about telling stories — via film and beyond, in LA and beyond — there’s no better place to get your start and build your resume

Recommended Courses:


Hollywood Production Workshop 4
Faith & Artistic Development in Film 3
Internship: Inside Hollywood 6


ELECTIVES (Choose One)

Narrative Storytelling 3
Professional Acting for the Camera 3
Professional Screenwriting 3
Independent Study 3

Middle East Studies Program


“Stay for coffee, stay for coffee,” your neighbors say, hoping you’ll sit and talk for just a few more minutes. It might make you late for lunch with friends, but how could you refuse a cup of rich, black Arabic coffee offered with such hospitality?

As a student on the Middle East Studies Program (MESP) you will most certainly be served local coffee and sweet, black tea in this manner. Immerse yourself in 6,000 years of history in Jordan. Journey by camel across legendary ground and explore ancient sites like Petra and Jerash. Snorkel in the coral reefs of the Red Sea, share tea with a bedouin sheikh, and fall asleep on a sand dune under the moon in the valley Wadi Rum. Barter in Arabic with vendors in the market and share stories with schoolchildren in the Old City of Jerusalem. Then watch this Holy Land take new shape as you encounter Christ in the regions he walked.


Located in Amman, Jordan, the Middle East Studies Program (MESP) immerses students in the daily life, language, food, culture, religion and politics of one of the oldest continuously-inhabited cities in the world. Learn firsthand from locals how to work, play, and serve in the Middle East as you become their neighbor—and soon, their family—while learning adventurously at MESP.

The heart of the Middle East Studies Program is the authentic community you’ll forge with these neighbors, families, and peers. Grounded in Christian liberal arts, MESP engages the religious culture and politics of the Middle East. You’ll examine the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from every perspective, live with a local family during a week-long home stay, and worship with your roommates in the morning. You’ll sit at the feet of native experts to learn about topics most precious to the region and then serve that region through a long-term service project.

And you won’t be alone on this adventure: you’ll have an experienced staff and your fellow MESP students from universities across the U.S. and Canada.

Recommended Courses (15-18)


Introduction to Arabic Language 4 or 6
Islamic Thought and Practice 3-4
Conflict & Change in the Middle East 3-4
Peoples & Cultures of the Middle East 3-4

Nashville Contemporary Music Center


Your entry into the Nashville music scene begins with morning classes, then you’re off composing, performing, mixing and promoting until you put your inspired soul to sleep. After weeks of solid creativity, you’re out on tour, living the experience and savoring every note.

You’re surrounded by peers who share your endless love for music and do nothing but nourish that love for 14 weeks. Together, you share access to the best gear, giving you every opportunity to make the best music possible. Experienced, caring faculty guide the way with their shared passion for music and the industry it’s a part of, just like you.

You’ll earn the most fun, demanding, and emotionally satisfying credits of your whole college experience. No matter your focus, making music your lifelong career starts here at the CMC.



Faith, Music & Culture 3
Inside the Music Industry 3
Practicum: “CMC Tour” 1


Essentials of Songwriting 3
Studio Recording 3
Performance 3


Strategic Management 3
Music Business Survey 3
Advanced Media Marketing 3


Advanced Studio Recording 3
Audio Engineering 3
Concert Production 3

Northern Ireland Semester

The first thing you notice as a student in Northern Ireland is the beautiful verdant landscape, but there’s more to this country than rocky green cliffs and sparkling blue waters. From your home base at Lakeside Manor, a charming 19th-century mansion in Belfast, you’ll travel all over the Irish isle visiting important cultural and historical landmarks like SAUL, the site of St. Patrick’s first church in Ireland, the Northern Ireland Parliament, and Dublin Castle.

In addition, you will experience the deep impact of the religious and political conflict that has been an important part of Northern Ireland’s history. Sit at a table with residents who lived through “The Troubles” as you hear first-hand accounts of the hunger strikes and political clashes that beset Belfast in recent decades. Pray in ancient cathedrals that predate the birth of your home country. Hike among green pastures and ancient forests. This opportunity for experiential learning in Northern Ireland will make your next semester unforgettable.


In addition to the required course, each student chooses 4-5 courses from the electives listed below.


Peacemaking and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland 3


Irish Art & Culture 3
Irish Literature 3
Christian Thought & Practice 3
Ireland & Western Civilization 3
Intercultural Communication 3
Service Learning Elective 1

Oxford Scholars Semester

Designed specifically for students seeking an academically rigorous and robust experience, SSO seeks to brighten the brightest of minds. In tutorials, students meet one-on-one with acclaimed Oxford scholars to go head-to-head on topics chosen from hundreds of subjects within the disciplines of history, literature, languages, philosophy, musicology, art, science, and more. Alumni often report returning to their home campuses, graduate schools or careers feeling akin to athletes having trained at high altitudes, now capable of performing at levels more challenging with new capacity and relative ease.



Primary Tutorial 6
Secondary Tutorial 3
Undergraduate Research Seminar 4
Selected Topics in British Culture 4


Primary Tutorial 6
Secondary Tutorial 3
Thesis 4
Selected Topics in British Culture II* 4
Undergraduate Research Seminar* 4

Oxford Summer Program

Throughout the Oxford Summer Programme (OSP), you’ll journey to astonishing places. But with all that could ignite your intellectual imagination, nothing will compare to the vast collection of scholarly resources available to you. Welcome to the home of some of history’s greatest thinkers.

OSP fuels intellectual development at all levels of education. Engage in scholarship guided by Oxford’s primary method of pedagogies: the tutorial. Go one-on-one with your professor to defend your argument and support your positions, ready yourself for graduate school or just become a better thinker. When you’re not flexing your brain, keep it sharp with student outings and field trips.

During OSP, even when you put the book down, your studies never really stop. You’re immersed in an attitude to life.  Here you’re invited to ask yourself the questions pivotal to your intellectual growth—questions that are a part of your day-to-day existence. With close fellowship among your peers, the rhythm of the Oxford Summer Programme is one that will beat in your heart for life.

OSP is organized by SCIO, Scholarship & Christianity in Oxford, which is the UK subsidiary of BestSemester and the CCCU.  It is a research center based in Oxford working in close partnership with Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford.  More info on SCIO’s projects, staff, and activity can be found at

Apply now for OSP 2017 (June 14 – July 15)!



Seminar & Tutorial A 3
Seminar & Tutorial B 3

Please email for more details concerning the classes for this program.

Uganda Studies Program

Chat with classmates on campus at Uganda Christian University (UCU) as you munch on a “rolex” (a local snack of eggs and Chapati). Just 15 miles from the capital city of Kampala, Mukono offers USP students the opportunity to participate in Ugandan culture. All students take part in homestay experiences, which are described as unforgettable. Along with trips throughout Uganda, venture on an eye-opening, 10-day excursion to Rwanda.

Students in the Uganda Studies Program choose from one of the following academic emphases:

Social Work Emphasis (SWE)

Global Health Emphasis (GHE)

General Studies Emphasis (GSE)

All options encourage students to participate in Ugandan life and explore the intricacy of cross-cultural relationships. Indeed, your most important Ugandan lessons will be in relationships. At home, at school and within the university, these relationships encourage deeper thought about your own cultural identity and how you engage with the world around you. UCU has over 6,000 students and Uganda’s renowned hospitality will help you form deep connections within the local community. Building upon the course Faith & Action, you’ll begin to place these diverse connections into context.


All students take Faith and Action, including those in the Global Health and Social Work Emphases.



Faith & Action in the Ugandan Context


African Context Courses


UCU Elective Courses


Cross-Cultural Practicum




Statistics in Global Health (August modular course)*


Cross Cultural Practicum/Global Health Seminar


African Core Course, UCU Elective, or Language


Infectious Disease and Global Health


*All fall semester Global Health students take the August modular course, along with Faith & Action in the Ugandan Context, the Cross Cultural Practicum / Global Health Seminar, and at least one African Context Course. Spring Global Health students do not take this modular course.


Junior Level:

Social Work Practicum


Social Work Seminar for the Ugandan Context


African Context Courses


UCU Elective Course

Senior Level:

Social Work Practicum for Senior Level


Social Work Seminar for the Ugandan Context


Washington D.C. American Studies Program

The American Studies Program (ASP) in Washington, D.C. connects you and your faith to the institutions and leaders who are impacting issues in public policy and strategic communication. You are independent, but not alone. Future politician or not, you will nurture the leader within during your experience in ASP.

As the plane begins to make its final approach to Reagan National, you’re given your first tour of our nation’s capital. Hop on the Metro, cross the Potomac and you’re here, surrounded by national landmarks. You’re just minutes away from the American Studies Program (ASP) living and learning facility in D.C.’s quaint Capitol Hill neighborhood. You’re now 25 blocks from where the President puts on his shoes and just eight blocks from the Capitol building.

Sharing similarities while respecting differences may just be the one test you never knew you’d be taking.  Whether in Public Policy or Strategic Communication, you will engage in what it means to be in community and to be a leader. Continue this conversation as you interact in a dozen on-site visits with expert scholars and policy makers. Internships, professional mentorships, and service opportunities offer the chance to further define your vocation.

You have a heart for cultivating change that will better our world. There is no better place to start than at ASP in Washington, D.C. Being a catalyst of change starts the moment you meet your roommates. It is planted in your words as you tutor an at-risk child and becomes rooted in the active role you play in your internship. Guided by mentorship, community engagement and fellowship with others, this is change that will bear the best fruit.



Internship 8-9
Professional Development Practicum 1


Public Policy

Public Policy Analysis Field Seminar


Policy Advocacy and Diplomacy Field Seminar

Strategic Communication

Case Studies in Strategic Communication


Advocacy & Development