Advising FAQ

How do I find out who my advisor is?

Login into Eagle/Self-Service, select My Profile, then scroll down to “My Academic Advisor” under the “My Academics” heading. If your advisor is not listed, please email or call the Academic Success and Advising Center at 425-889-5227.

When do I meet with my advisor?

Typically, your advisor is required to meet with you during the advising seasons in a semester (Fall: Oct-Nov; Spring: Mar-Apr), but schedule a time whenever you feel the need to do so.

How do I make an advising appointment?

Contact your advisor by email or phone. If you have general advising questions or do not have an advisor assigned in your Eagle profile, email or call the Academic Success and Advising Center at 425-889-5227.

How do I change my major or other academic changes?

Changing your major may include advisor, minor, track, or concentration changes to your academic portfolio as well. Email or call the Academic Success and Advising Center at 425-889-5227 to make these changes.

How many online classes can I take each semester?

In both fall and spring semesters, Traditional students can take (1) one online class per semester, regardless of when it is offered. Summer semester Traditional students are recommended to take no more than (2) two classes per seven week session.

When can I add and drop classes?

Adding and dropping classes can only be done until the Sunday after the first week of classes.

When can I withdraw from a class?

Class withdrawal begins the second week of the semester and ends on Friday of the 12th week in each semester. For the 2023-2024 school year, those dates are November 17th (Fall) and April 5th (Spring). Check the NU Academic Calendar for specific class withdrawal dates.

What’s the difference between dropping and withdrawing from a class?

Dropping a class can occur only through the 1st week of class for each semester and does not result in a transcript notation or tuition penalty (though administrative fees may be deducted). Withdrawing from a class results in a “W” for withdrawal placed on your official transcript and can have financial aid/student account repercussions.

How will dropping/withdrawing from a class affect my financial aid?

Contact the Student Financial Services office via or call 425-889-5210.

How do I register, add or drop a class online?

Click on this link: 

When / why do I apply for graduation?

Apply for graduation during the second semester of your junior year, or, if you are a transfer student with at least 75 semester credits, please apply for graduation during your first semester at NU. To do so, click on this link: Intent to Graduate Form

When do I apply to a specific college program at NU?

These dates vary program by program, so check with the particular school/college you’re interested in.

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