Housing Selection for Fall 2023

Important Dates:

  • Housing Information Meeting – Tuesday, March 21 at 7:00pm in Butterfield chapel
  • Mandatory Meetings – April 9-13th (See your RA for details)
  • Student Apartment Applications dueFriday, April 14 at NOON 
  • Private Room Application dueFriday, April 14th at NOON
  • Housing Selection Night (Apartment and room selection process) – Thursday, April 20 (Evening – times TBD)

*See more information about important dates here.

Costs (per semester/per person):

  • Residence Hall Room: $5323.50 (includes a full meal plan and $100 Flex Dollars)
  • Residence Hall Private Room Charge: Additional $1500/semester. 
  • 2b/2b Student Apartments (with or without a study): $4000 (Includes 75-block meal plan and $125 Flex Dollars)
  • 3b/2b Student Apartments: $3850 (Includes 75-block meal plan and $125 Flex Dollars)

Meal plans and flex dollars DO NOT roll over between semesters. 

Housing Selection

More information can be found on our Housing Selection can be found here.

Any student returning for the fall semester, who is planning to live on campus must participate in Housing Selection Night. Housing Selection is the process to pick your fall room/apartment and roommate(s). Students will be invited to participate once they fill out their Fall 2023 Housing Intent Form – which will be administered at Mandatory Meetings April 9-13. There are two sections of our Housing Selection Night: selecting an apartment (if you get in) or your residence hall room.  

Interested in Selecting an Apartment? 

You can go through the apartment selection process in a group of four or six. Students who wish to apply for the student apartments must do these three things:

  • Each person of the group must complete the Fall 23 Housing Intent Form by Friday, April 14th at noon. This will be administered during your Mandatory Meeting.
  • Find a group and each individual needs to fill out the Student Apartment Application. Applications can be found here. Use Roommate Connector if needed- but Housing does put groups together. All applications must be submitted by Friday, April 14th at noon.
  • Finally, each member of the group must be registered for fall 2023 classes by April 14th. Add filler classes if you’re waitlisted for any courses. This does mean you need to have your account balance paid off in time to qualify to apply.
  • *Students must be 20 years old by August 28th, 2023 in order to apply.

Priority is given based on a point system that factors age, academic class and semesters at Northwest University. Current housing in the student apartments does not give you priority. We have six 6-person apartments and twelve 4-person apartments for females (Buildings B & D) and seven 4-person apartments for males (Building A). This does not include RA apartments which will be 2 females and 1 male. No private rooms will be granted in student apartments unless medically required. Groups will be emailed by Tuesday, April 18 to inform them if they have made it into the apartment selection or not for Housing Selection Night on Thursday, April 20. 

Selecting a Residence Hall Room

During Housing Selection Night you’ll be able to select a room with your roommate. Males spaces include all of Gray, and Perks 200 & 300; Female spaces include all of Beatty, Guy 200 & 300, Crowder 500 & 600. There are four triple spaces in Gray for men.

Here’s how room selection will work:

Priority order for Housing Selection night is decided based on cumulative credit hours. You’ll be given a time slot to select your placement with your roommate OR to select a room by yourself. If you are going in with a roommate, you will select with the individual who has the highest credits. For example: If Erin and Sam are wanting to room together and Erin has 98 credits and Sam has 60, they will select a room together during Erin’s time slot. A few things to consider during housing selection:

  • Don’t have a roommate? You can check out Roommate Connector to find a roommate who would be a good fit for you OR select a room without a roommate and we can place someone with you!
  • CELE Roommate. Interested in living with a CELE roommate? You will have first priority selection.
  • Private rooms. We will be identifying 25% of each floor with Private Rooms. In order to select a Private Room during Housing Selection Night, please complete this Private Room Application. More details can be found on the Housing Q&A. If you select this room, you are identifying that you want to live in a private room without a roommate and at a premium cost for the entire year. We will do a wait list for non-selected private rooms once housing selection is complete. If you need a single room and have been approved for a medical accommodation, please email housing@northwestu.edu.

Finally, make sure to register for fall classes by June 1st to keep your spot.


Off Campus

More information can be found on our Off-Campus video here.

Students wishing to live off-campus HAVE to complete the online Off Campus Application through MyHousing, and receive approval from the Housing office before the fall semester begins by meeting at least one of these criteria:

You must be either:

  • Living with your parent within 35 miles of the University OR
  • Married or have a child
  • 23 years old or older by the first day of fall classes OR
  • Studying abroad away from NU (these students are only approved for the length of time they’re studying abroad)

For more information about our Off-Campus Policy, please see our “Off Campus Policy” on the Housing homepage sidebar.