New Student Housing Spring

Welcome to Northwest University Residence Life and Housing. We are so excited to welcome you to your new home! As you know, we are a residential campus with the belief that education is enhanced by the living-learning communities students experience when living on campus. It is proven that students who live on campus form lasting relationships and achieve a greater level of sustained learning and academic success. To facilitate this type of success, all full-time, unmarried undergraduate students 25 and under are required to live on campus.

Read this Welcome Letter to find out some helpful information as you start the journey of registering for housing! We hope this will help make the process clear for you. Additionally, here is a video that gives an overview of our application process. 

The Residence Life and Housing department will be the ones to pick roommates. Please let us know if you have someone in mind for a roommate prior to move-in by emailing If you do not have a roommate in mind before arriving, the Residence Life and Housing staff will do their best to place you with someone who would be a good fit. 

We will be doing housing placements for incoming traditional students in January. Students must be registered for Spring 24 classes in order to receive a housing assignment.

Take some time to review the links below to become better acclimated with how we do Housing at NU! If you have any questions, please email us at

Curious about more details about what to bring or what not to bring? Click here to read a helpful packing list!

Resident Resources

Ready to apply for housing? Refer to the New Student Welcome Letter! Make sure you have your NU email address and student ID# handy. You will need to log in to the Eagle Website first.

Click here to apply for Housing

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