Change of Major

Are you considering a new major? Here are some important steps and considerations:

  1. If you will be changing your major and staying in the same modality (online, Oregon, NPP, traditional Kirkland) then your first step is to contact your advisor. He or she will help you understand the implications for degree completion, make sure your transfer credits (if you have them) are applied to your new major, and select the most advantageous catalog year for you. As well, he or she will then make the changes in the university systems and notify all departments that need to be aware of the change.
  2. If you are changing your major and also switching to a different modality (from online, Oregon, NPP, traditional Kirkland to one of the aforementioned), then your first step is to also contact your advisor in your current modality. He or she will help you consider the options for majors in the new modality, how any transfer credits from a previous institution will transfer to the new major in the new modality (if you have them), and how your credits earned at NU will satisfy requirements for your new major in your new modality. Your advisor will also help you with the steps for admission to the new modality, connect you to advising in the new modality, as well as change your major in all university systems.
  3. Contact your financial aid counselor to understand if and how your change of major could affect your financial aid.
  4. Consult the NU catalog to understand the degree requirements for your new major. This is of particular importance if you are changing modalities.