Life @ NU Campus Communication


Event advertisements and announcements are put together on Fridays and go out on Mondays. If you would like your event to be digitally advertised…

  • Complete the Digital Advertising Request Form below
  • Create graphics for your event (see formatting requirements below)
  • Email your completed request form and graphics to by the Thursday prior to your announcement


  • Life @ NU Campus Email (formerly In the Loop)
    • Emailed out to traditional students, and full time staff/faculty on Mondays at 9:00am.
    • Recommended for all types of events! 
    • No graphics; only text advertisements
    • Please note: All Campus Calendar events will be included in the email; if your event is already on this calendar, you will not need to submit a request to have it included.
  • Campus Digital Announcement Boards
    • Plays on a slideshow loop on digital signs (TVs) around campus.
    • Required graphic format: 16X9 images (JPEG/PNG), landscape/horizontal.
    • Recommended for all event types as well as updates and informational advertisements. 
  • Life @ NU Instagram Stories
    • Posted through @lifeatnorthwestu
    • Required graphic format: 1080px X 1920px images (JPEG/PNG), vertical.
    • Recommended for campus events where all students are welcome to participate. Not recommended for small or specific events.
  • Printed Posters
    • Does not require a request form; Recommended for all event types.
    • All printed posters (up to 10 per event) must receive an approval stamp from the Student Development Office and can be posted in designated approved areas. 
    • Exceptions may be made for University-sponsored organizations such as SAB or Mosaic, and for department-sponsored academic events. 
    • Approved areas for posting include: 
      • Hurst Library (1 bulletin board)
      • Ness Building (2 bulletin boards)
      • HSC (1 bulletin board)
      • Pecota Student Center (2 bulletin boards)
      • The Caf (1 bulletin board)
      • EFC Lounge (1 bulletin board)
      • GPC & Gray/Beatty Residence Hall Lounges 
    • The responsibility of printing, posting, and removing posters after the event occurs remains with the requester.  


  • All advertising must be submitted before Thursday to be included in the next week’s advertising. 
  • All advertisements for events will be removed after the event occurs, within 24 hours of the event, or within two weeks of being posted (whichever comes first). 


  • No longer accepting submissions for chapel announcements of any kind. 
  • If your graphic does not meet these requirements in any way, will be in contact as soon as possible. This may affect when your graphic is able to be posted.